Punch Club 2: Fast Forward – How to Beat Rorscharch

Rorscharch Fight Tips

Rorscharch is a blocker, and despite being an endurance fighter is susceptible to exhaustion and knockdown. His block is moderately effective, but fails more often than many of the tough block fighters.

He cedes no ground so you want to look out for being cornered and probably won’t be easily able to corner him, so I’d look for other options.

My strategy was the above setup for 2-3 rounds to drain stamina out of both of us, then swap in a double breath for my third attack. Offensively that’s just my cheapest attack in all slots to force him to block a lot (I have more initiative so that’s punishing on his stamina). Defensively that’s half and half my best dodge (1000 winds with the modifier to return initiative) and my best block because I find that more effective and reliable than the high cost of pendulum. And not getting cornered is really important.

That won the day, with him becoming exhausted and stripping abilities for rounds 3-4 and suffering a couple of knockdowns for it.

Scorpion is a better stance for that strategy, so if you can buy or have the skills to make a similar loadout you should be able to win. I’d strongly consider making sure your attack is your cheapest and dropping pendulum and dance from your setup, in favour of a block in the defensive line. I’m sure other things work too.

ETA: Replayed the fight to check, I think it’s actually better to do rounds 1&3 with that setup and have one double breath swapped in for rounds 2&4, where he went down for me.

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