Brigandine The Legend of Runersia – Rune Power Explanatory Guide

How to Rune Growth

Rune Power is only affected by items and a character’s Chara Growth (mistranslated, imo, as it should be Rune Growth… which should be Chara Growth, but I digress).

Chara Growth is unaffected by your class.

Also in case you were curious, the average growth per level based on letter:

  • D – 4
  • C – 5
  • B – 6
  • A – 7
  • S – 8

So Sugar, who starts at Level 1 with 157 Rune Power and has a an A Growth, should have 157 + 29(7) = ~360 Rune Power at 30, which is pretty consistently true.

Gilliam on the other hand starts at Level 20 with 190 Rune Power and a C Growth, and ends with about 240 (which is terrible and he sucks for a lot of reasons).

STR, AGI, and INT are for sure affected by Class type and tier though. So it’s technically inefficient to level up too much as a lower tier class. For instance if you over level, say, Sugar as an Enchantress to 13 before class changing her, she’d have less INT on average than a Sugar who was class changed at 10 and 20 on the dot.

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