Broken Ranks – New Player Guide to Level Up + Useful Tips

This is a guide created for new players to give an ideas on how to progress through early levels, hope you find it useful!

How to Progress Guide

Level 01-10

At the beginning of the game, focus on following the story quests and complete the remaining experience points with Bald bandits (best strategy is going 5 points in melee and rest in attacks). From level 5 onwards, switch to Zed’s tasks, located near the first pet vendor in the center of Trentis. By completing these tasks and killing Zeds or bald bandits during the cooldown periods, you can level up to level 10.

Level 10-18

Once you reach level 10, head to the Lumberjack’s Forest. Complete the Lumberjack tasks there, and during the cooldown periods, you can kill wild boars, around lvl 14-15 you can kill groups of 2-3 rascals.

Level 18-22

From level 18 onwards, accept the Ogre tasks in the swamp and defeat the Ogres.

Level 22-30

(Chieftan, Cross Spider, Ichtion)

At this point you’re ready to grind chieftain or cross spider for leveling up and a chance at dropping something valuable as an alternative you can do Mandus’s tasks at the beach near the shipwreck. These tasks can be combined well with Ichtion Farm Runs, offering excellent experience points and the chance to obtain nice drops from Ichtion.

Level 28+

As a side note, regardless of other farming spots, it’s worth regularly taking on the Bandit tasks from level 28 onwards (need a group of 2 to start the task). These can be found in the area with the Ruins Tower.

Level 30-50

(Puppet Master, Geomorph, Garthmog, Tower, Utorian Commander, Toad)

From level 30 onwards, spend about 10 levels farming Orcs in the Kolden Forest and Grizzly Bears. Both offer excellent experience points, and you’re close to three events – Kold, Orc, and Sana – which also provide significant experience points.

Best exp farm is probably in puppet master instance, you will need a group to do it but it’s hands down the best place to farm both exp and some drops.

You can also start farming a lot of other dungeons to get some nice drops, Geomorph, Tower, Garthmog, Utorian Commander, Toad are all possible to do solo thanks to the easy mode option.

Level 50+

(Castle spectre, Fyo/GMO, Mantis, HeuroKratos)

From now on, you can go to the Harpies (better to avoid them) and Gorgons (way better to kill those). Furthermore, there’s a spot here with zero respawn time, allowing you to fight continuously and maximize your experience gain you can grind exp here until level 80.

Another very good exp spot is castle spectre, but you will need a full team and a black pearl to enter it.

Fyo/GMO will be possible to be done around lvl 55 at easy mode in duo, same for mantis around lvl 60, both have very good drops for that level range and will be good to do until higher level.

Another worth mentioning is HeuroKratos, thalia dungeon gives very good exp and some very expensive drops but it’s not so easy to do and needs a strong party.

Level 75+

From level 70 onwards, farming Ivravul under the Garrison becomes worthwhile. This is the best solo exp farm by far until very high level, around that level you will also be able to do valdarog. Around 85 you will be able to do tits and later on Ice Cave will become the best group exp.

At this point you will have probably figured out the rest for yourself as you will be a well experienced player.

Gold Making Methods

Flask Crafting

Best Gold making method early on is for sure crafting flasks, especially life/mana/stamina but you can find the best looking at marketplace prices, you just need to gather the required materials either from gathering or slaying monsters and will be able to create the flask.

Example on minor life flask:

  • Gather 3 marsh mallow.
  • Kill rascal to get 3 liquid of rush.

Go to leila at trentis port:

Dungeon Farming

While farming dungeon you can acquire some loot in the form of either Red, Blue or drifs. Those can all be sold for a good amount to other players, especially you can value Blue as shatter and melting value, being the value of the essence or the shards you can make from destroying them. Drifs can be only melted for 5 essence or 7 if an inhibitor is used.

Synergetic can be sold for market price most of the time very quickly.

Alternative Ways

Clam bay farming, you gather clams from the bay and roast them to sell them in lesgar inn at the chef, during 18:00 to 19:00 server time you get the best price so always wait that time to sell (server time), on another note it’s a full pvp zone so be careful.


Roast at Bonfire


Sell to chef at lesgar inn between 18:00 and 19:00 server time for maximum gain!

Amorpha Farming

Going down from toad instance (Druid village) you can reach the marsh zone. Once there you will find her way into a small area with a water lock, 4 plants, a few mosquitoes and the entrance to the cave of Amorpha. In addition, a drowned dead man occasionally spawned here who drops a key when you kill him. But more on that later.

If you have arrived there, you can feed mosquito blood to the plants by right-clicking. These make up seeds, which you can pick up. 100 of these seeds can be sold later for 17,000 gold.

Attention: Since it is an open area with PvP, other players can also collect the seeds you grow and also attack and kill you.

While you are doing your seed farm, a drowned dead man will regularly spawn in the area. This gives you a key with which you can use to unlock the bridge.. after  you can walk across the river and enter the cave of Amorpha.

After the kill you get some experience and she has a very high drop odd chance for synergetic items and also leaves her roots almost every time, you can sell the root at the same place where you sell the seeds for 5k each. Drowned champion has a 3-5 minute respawn timer.

While amorpha is not a bad way to make gold and a constant one it require very active play and there are better ways to use this time, leveling up for example, so i would stick to flasking for money making.

Useful Info & Tips


With equipment you can do mostly 4 things.

Items Used Below:


Taralax’s Hammer



(Screenshot to understand where to find those at any blacksmith).


Upgrading is mostly for end-game but in early game you can get a very big boost from doing it in the right way, to upgrade an item you need item to upgrade, 1 inhibitor of right rank,1 flask for the attribute you want to increase (+1 for all stats, +10 for hp/stamina/mana, +3 for damage and only possible on weapon), manamer (item to perform the upgrade that can be bought at any blacksmith), additionally you can use an essence to boost your chance by 10%. After an upgrade fail you have durability% of chance to retain the upgraded level of the item and 100-durability% to lose all your progress and restart to +0 upgrades.


In Broken Ranks there are items called Synergetics Items. These items have red names and drop with a blue passive effect.

To enhance these items, you can fuse two identical Synergetic Items together. This process strengthens the stats, the passive effect, the item’s rank, and increases its level requirement. Additionally, the name of the item changes.

To fuse two items together, visit the blacksmith Voberg in Trentis or any other merchant. Ensure that both of your Synergy Items have the same type (they don’t have to be both mage or warrior but just need to be both armor or boots for example) and level.

An important not is that you will ALWAYS merge the bottom item to the top item, so you will need to put the item you wish to keep on the upper slot.

Once you have the required items, ask Voberg to enhance your equipment. In the blacksmith menu, navigate to the far right tab labeled “Fusion.”

If one of the items has already been enhanced (+1, +2, +n), make sure to place that item in the upper slot to retain the enhancement after fusion.

If the Synergy Items have different passive effects, there is a 50% chance of retaining either of the effects after fusion.

After considering all these factors, you can fuse your items for gold with an 80% success rate. Even if the fusion fails, you only lose the lower item; the upper one remains intact


Shattering means destroying an item (red, blue or green) to make shards.

For shattering you head to the nearest blacksmith (volberg in trentis) and select the shatter menu, you will need 1 Taralax’s Hammer that can be bought there, the required essence number (depending on quality, look at the chart below) and inhibitor if you want more shards (ALWAYS worth to use it).

As a result you will get shards that are used to incrust blue items to higher quality (not pet item as for now).


Melting means destroying an item (blue, green or drif) in order to make essences.

For melting you need to head to the nearest blacksmith (volberg in trentis) and select the melting menu, you will need 1 melting item that can be bought there and an inhibitor (ALWAYS worth using it) and of course the item you want to melt.

This will produce essences that are used in a lot of ways, first of all to charge your gear in order to use drif effect on blues, drif and set bonus on green and passive bonus on reds (almost never worth charging up a red). Another use for essence is +10% of upgrade chance on upgrades, there are a lot more ways of using them too.

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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