Tarisland – Ultimate Inscription Guide

Ultimate Guide for Inscription System

By Varietymmos.

The Inscribed Stone system in Tarisland can be confusing. But don’t worry, we’ve made a guide to explain how it works. This guide has all the key points you need to understand the system.

Inscribed Stones

  • The Inscribed Stone consists of initial nodes, attribute nodes, core nodes, and Emblem slots.
  • The nodes can be activated with Inscribed Stone Energy for attribute bonuses or special effects.
  • The attribute node is unlocked once you’ve activated any of its prerequisite nodes.
  • Attribute nodes can be leveled down or reset, and resetting can only start from the end node.
  • The core node is unlocked after you’ve activated all the prerequisite nodes, and the activation level depends on the level of the associated prerequisite nodes.


  • Emblems can be inlaid to grant attribute bonuses once a slot node is unlocked.
  • The Emblem attributes include 1 attribute, 1 Emblem skill, and several additional effects.
  • Emblems can be upgraded by consuming other Emblems to increase their attributes and skill levels.
  • Emblems gain an additional effect at Lv.4, Lv.7, and Lv.10.
  • There is a max level for Emblems, and the max levels of green-, blue-, and purple-quality Emblems are Lv.4, Lv.7, and Lv.10, respectively.
  • The max level of Emblems is limited by your character level. The max level of Emblems is Lv.4 and Lv.7 when the character level is below 30 and 40, respectively.
  • Emblems can be locked and unlocked. Locked Emblems cannot be used to upgrade other Emblems.

Inscription Dust

How to Obtain Inscription Dust:

  • Dark invasion.
  • NPC in invasion offers donation quest for it.
  • Reputation store.
  • Daily activity.
  • Battle pass.
  • Various quests.
  • Season rank.
  • World boss.

Dark Invasion:

Reputation Store:

Daily Activity:

Battle Pass:

Season Rank:

7 Day Event:

Using Inscription Dust:

  • Energy required per level rises as you get higher level.
  • As you can see I am level 15/100 at day 4.
  • The emblems show emblems I have slotted.
  • Attribute bonuses are bones stones give (ignores stone special effects).
  • You can reset this unlimited times for free so don’t stress.
  • If you lack an idea of what to do I suggest levelling everything to lv 1.
  • And input 5 stones (focus on echo middle if you have bad stones).

Emblem Stones

Emblem stones are obtained from emblem chests.

Just like inscription dust you can get emblem chests everywhere.

How to Get Emblem Chests:

  • Market
  • Crafting
  • Dungeons
  • Quests
  • Stores

You get the idea.

Extra info about emblem stones:

By clicking the little symbol you can set up multiple pages for diffent builds/specs. You can also rename them which is nice.

There are many types of runes. Within 7 days of launch you’ll likely be all purple.

You destroy other emblems to upgrade. You can see new stats on right. The additional affects are completely random.

Some Possible Additional Affects Include:

  • Boosted stats. Focus, health etc.
  • 50% boost on inscripion slot next to rune slot.
  • Rune level +1 so a level 10 rune could be +14 and make your effect stronger.
  • Ppl on china believe +1 your stone multiple times is best.

Runes for ATT / DEF / Heal

Each type of rune has a type and basic stat assigne to it:

  • General
  • Survival
  • Attack
  • General

Basic stats fall unde 3 initial stat lines:

  • Stamina (Tank)
  • Focus (General Use)
  • Strength = Attack so Healers/DPS

(I found all these runes by inspecting emblem boxes under by orders on market).

Remember when you level the runes they get extra stats at complete random:

  • 50% Boost to Nearby Slots
  • 1+ Stone Level
  • 150 HP+
  • Stats Like That




Echo is the special slot you unlock in the middle of the inscription tree. It may not look important at first but it really is.

This is what an echo stack looks like:

This is your base proc chance in battle. When you’re in battle you stack to 15 for effect.

These are effects that proc at 15 stacks.

There are many special effects that will change how echo works. Some abilities effect echo speed rate. Some abilities do extra damage after each echo proc. Here is an example SA. How effective your echo stacking is will be determined by your gear.

Gear Special Affects


I hope the above information was helpful. Happy gaming!

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