Broken Ranks – Quick Tips for Classes

Classes: Which One to Choose?


The Sheed is a melee dps with a ranged attack. He can buff himself/group to increase his AP, he greatly debuffs his targets, burns their mana, activates dodge which makes him untouchable. It’s a very versatile class.


The Barbarian is a thick brute who has seen his skills change lately, which allows him to have a ranged attack that debuffs, and an melee area attack. This is pure physical dps, normally the biggest in the game. It has several buffs, and can debuff enemies as well.


The archer is a ranged dps using several types of arrows that can do damage over time but also debuffs the enemy. It is particularly formidable at a distance, especially since it reduces the AP of its enemies. He also has a melee debuff and a ranged area attack.

Fire Mage

The Fire Mage is a .. fire mage. It’s pure magical dps, with ranged single target and area attacks. It can throw meteorites, apply fire damage over time in melee, and can buff and debuff enemies by reducing their fire resistance. It also has group protection.


The Voodoo is a class that attacks almost exclusively psychically and therefore usually attacks first. He has multiple debuffs and can potentially one shot an enemy. It also has a ranged sting attack and melee mana drain. Lately he gained a mana shield to increase his survivability.


The knight is the tank of the game thanks to two defense skills. One to parry attacks to reduce income damages, and another to protect an ally by redirecting incoming attacks towards him. It also has a whole host of various buffs to improve himself or improve the group. He has a melee attack that debuffs mages and he can go quite high in damage.


The druid is a big support who has seen his damage increase a lot lately. He is able to heal in single target, in groups, he can purge debuffs, reduce group mana consumption. At attack level, he has a magical melee attack, as well as a psychic attack with damage over time. It also has rooting (in two stages) which helps prevent the enemy from attacking melee. It is essential to a party and can deal good damage over time.

I hope you found this helpful!

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