Call of the Wild: The Angler – Infinite Money Guide

Just a guide for infinite money.

How to Get Infinite Money

It’s pretty easy.

You go to Taylor’s tackles and buy hooks. Choose a hook that you can afford at least 5 of.

After buying 5 hooks go in to the sell menu and sell 1 of the hooks you just bought.

In the new window that opens, increase the amount you sell to as many as you can and then sell them.

You just sold 1 hook for the price of 5. Repeat with the remaining 4 hooks.

Basically, you sell 5+4+3+2+1 hooks by only having 5.

When selling, they are worth half what you bought them for, so if you buy 5 hooks, you make 50% of your money in profit.

Repeat till you got as much as you want. Can be done with as many hooks of a kind you can buy.


  1. it still works i just did it once u have enought do it with more exspensive lures like the spinner and white frog then go to rods

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