Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed – How to Abduct Humans to Get the Upgrades

Guide to Abduct Humans to Get the Upgrades


There is a new weapon on the saucer instead of popping them in the Abduct-O-Beam. Big blue beam that grabs them and pulls them in as you fly.

Also, the recipes have to be selected in the saucer menu to be tracked, you can only do one at a time and most recipes are location locked. The good news? You can run as much as you want flying around with the blue beam going making smoothies.

Where to Get the Upgrade

There will be a small robot you can talk to next to a saucer spawn location in the Bay area, the small robot will be white on the map, that’s where you get the upgrade to abduct humans, not sure when it appears, just keep progressing through the story until it appears, but it’s odd, you just talk to the robot and it gives it to you, no side mission or anything

Extra Details

There should be 3 challenges for each region, 15 in total, since there are 5 maps to go to, each have variable areas you need to visit to complete the challenges of abducting humans, that’s why all challenges don’t have all of the areas, the challenges are relatively easy, so it shouldn’t be hard to complete, usually it’s the first thing I do in a new area, for the bonuses of course

A Tip

If you find a general area where certain people are, like Agents, Military or Police around a building & obviously Police Stations named as is, if you damage the building(s) but don’t destroy them, do a bit of damage to it, the type of said humans should come flooding out for safety as the building is burning

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