Call of the Wild: The Angler – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of game is it?

  • Call of the Wild: The Angler is an open world fishing game designed for players to explore the vast and varied beauty of nature, ride the open waters, team up with friends, and enjoy a truly immersive fishing experience.

Where can I buy Call of the Wild: The Angler?

  • Call of the Wild: The Angler is currently available on PC via Steam, the Microsoft Store, and Epic Games Store. Consoles will follow at a later date.

Is the game available on Steam Deck?

  • The game will not be Steam Deck verified at launch. You will still be able to play it on the Steam Deck, but we recommend using a PC for the best experience. There’s a lot of Steam Deck fans on the team, so it’s a platform we’re interested in exploring more of in the future.

Is the game available on Mac?

  • No.

How long will you support Call of the Wild: The Angler?

  • Our plan is to support the game in the long-term. We’re committed to continually improving the game in close collaboration with our community.

What fishing mechanics are available in the game?

  • There are two distinct techniques available to use in the open world at launch: bait fishing (float) and bait/spin casting for freshwater angling.

How many fish species are there?

  • There are 12 unique fish species in the game, all with their own unique traits and behaviors:
    • Largemouth Bass.
    • Smallmouth Bass.
    • Kokanee Salmon.
    • Lake Trout.
    • Rainbow Trout.
    • Golden Trout.
    • Pike.
    • Sauger.
    • Channel Catfish.
    • Mountain Whitefish.
    • Yellow Perch.
    • Bluegill.

Does Call of the Wild: The Angler have multiplayer?

  • Yes! The game supports up to 12 players in a seamless online multiplayer co-operative environment. By default, you’ll be matched into a world with others, but you can directly join a friend or play solo if you prefer. In multiplayer, you’ll have chance encounters with others, and be able to share vehicles to go on fishing adventures together. Multiplayer also supports crossplay on PC platforms, so irrespective of what launcher you use on PC, you’ll be able to play together!
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