Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt – Basic Hunting Tips

10 Simple hunting tips that novice hunters can use.

Ten Basic Tips for Hunting

All credit goes to 65MillionNames!

  1. Use the options feature

Before you enter your first hunt, check the options menu and change settings to your liking. Lower or raise Audio, turn on or off map turning and tips, increase or decrease the zoom on optics, and make it more personalized to your liking

  1. Understanding your M.I.S.T. Device

The M.I.S.T. Device can do many things, and its important to know what it can do. The orange eye tells you how well a dinosaur can see you, and the Yellow Ear tells you how well a dinosaur can smell you. The map is, well, a map, and the Arrow next to the NESW is the Compass and Wind Arrow. If the arrow is pointing down, the dinosaurs cant smell you, but if it is pointing up, they can smell you. The compass explains itself, the trumpet is the decoy icon which allows you to call for dinosaurs in the surrounding area, the space ship is the retriever bot, and right clicking opens up the range-finder.

  1. Tracking dinosaurs

You can track dinosaurs through multiple tactics. The easiest is to use the radar, but you can also follow the footprints and sounds that the dinosaurs make when nearby. Using these two tactics should allow you to find the biggest dinosaurs on each map.

  1. Where to aim

While you can shoot a stegosaurus in the tail and it might die, shooting it in the lung will confirm the kill, and hitting it in the heart or eye will be near instant. Some dinosaurs have different weak points like the ceratosaurus and its jaws, while others may lack weak points like the tyrannosaurus not being insta killed if you shoot it in the heart.

  1. Collecting trophy’s

Walk up to a trophy to claim it, or click R to retrieve it to the trophy room.

  1. Dealing with dangerous dinosaurs

When dealing with advance/expert rank dinosaurs, it is important to do one thing. Do not stand in THEIR VISION. This will prompt them to attack and unless you have a revolver or great aim, you will die. Instead, carefully sneak up to them and fire at their weak point that we talked about to safely kill them.

  1. Equipment, Upgrades, and what to choose

You have 10 equipment pieces you can select, and 8 upgrades as well. The 4 beginning equipment pieces are easy to use and take away lots of points, while Decoy, Cover Scent & Camouflage remove fewer trophy points and can still be used into the late game. Revolver & Double ammo help keep hunts going for even longer, and the Pro Licence allows you to hunt Every Dinosaur on Any Map (at least its supposed to do that) The M.I.S.T. Device and Hunter Upgrades can be toggled on and off whenever you want, so feel free to play around with them.

  1. Understanding the Fog Maps

The fog maps limit visibility, making it harder to see dinosaurs beyond 100 meters, who themselves get really big! High risk maps, very high reward trophy’s.

  1. Trophy Points and unlocking maps

Dinosaurs wont just reward you with gems to buy things, as they will also give you Trophy Points, which can be used to unlock new maps to hunt in. The more trophy points you have, the more maps you unlock, until you hit 10,000 Trophy Points and unlock every map in the game.

  1. Shooting Range & Trophy Room

The shooting range is a good way to home in your skills with aiming, while the trophy room is where you store all the trophy’s you brought back from a hunt.

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  1. You got the MIST device smell indicator wrong. It points in the direction of the wind, which creates a cone of your scent, and the wind speed stretches that cone. You know a dinosaur smells you when it starts flashing red.

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