Cassette Beasts – How to Solve Waterloop Station Puzzle

Here is the solution for Waterloop station puzzle with spoilers.

Waterloop Station Puzzle Solution

How to Get the Key

Enter the room then take the stream to where where there’s 3 treasure chests. You have to ignore the 1st lever or else you’ll flood the area where the chests are. Once you get the key from one of the chests, you can open the 3rd floodgate then go back and pull the lever for the 2nd flood gate unlocking the way to the boss.

How to Solve

With a reset puzzle, click the the four unlit spaces: center bottom, left middle, center top, right middle. This will make a solid red field and unlock one item chest.

Then, click bottom right, bottom left, middle center, and center top. This should get the pattern you need for the unlock.

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