Warframe – How to Always Win at Komi (Duviri)

While the Komi AI is always 100% accurate, you can exploit a few of its rules to always win.

Komi Win Guide

What is Komi

Komi is a board game that you can play during the free roam of Duviri, winning a round in an unique place for the first time during the run gives you a decree and some intrinsics.

It is basically an evolution of Go, but instead of having to capturing a row of enemy pieces by placing on both vertical/horizontal extremes, you need to surround all enemy pieces with your own.

The AI plays very aggresively and is always 100% accurate, but it always plays by two rules: always capture and always block captures.

By exploiting this logic, you can easily get a decree in less than a minute.

The First Move

The first move and every move after the third move will always be the same.

First, place your piece at the lowest left corner.

The Second Move

Next, the AI will do one of two moves: either placing the white piece above or to the right of yours.

If the AI places the piece above of yours, place another above theirs.

The AI will then capture your piece at the corner. Place a piece right above the one they just placed.

If the AI places the piece to the right of yours, again place it above theirs.

They will also capture your piece at the corner. Place a piece above the one they placed.

The Rest of the Game

Now that you have the corner setup, just start to place your pieces in a line going to the right.

By exploting their logic, the AI will follow your line all the way to the right corner.

When you reach the last column, place a piece one row above the line on the last column.

Then place the last piece in the line to win the game.

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  1. this seem to work pretty well too, just sad that there is no way to speed the minigame up, untill then rarely a reason to do these

  2. Is there a reward for doing all of these except the decree? Like if you finish every game once you get a glyph or something.

    • So far, no. The only reward you can get is the unique Shawzin for finding and completing all songs on the hard difficulty.

  3. I will still always prefer Go, but this guide makes it very easy and its very appreciated.

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