Cave Crawlers – Basic Tips

A simple guide based on what a couple runs in this game has showed me.

Tips to Basics

The Basics

A few basic tips to help with starting out your life as a Cave Crawler! and your task of learning how to make the most of what you’re given.

  • Keep your torch refilled. Press use on a torch with your own torch in your hand, this refills it, and uses up the torch you have done this from. Keep in mind it will use up 1% of the torch you refilled from for every 1% added to yours, it is not infinite.
  • Your weapon choice should be made once you find a decent weapon, not before. You could go a few levels without finding a good axe, but may find a sword within that time. I’d suggest holding off on your expertise until you find a good weapon, or at least find the kind you wish to use, as I ran into the issue of not getting an axe for a good 8 floors while stocking up on axe skills, hoping I’d find one soon.
  • Hold F to strike your flint and light your way if your torch runs out, but be warned, this is by no means a replacement for a torch. Keep your torch filled, put it away if not needed.
  • Try and avoid using bombs on enemies, they do very little to them and are better served as items for opening blocked passages. To do this, toss the bomb at any wall with some tnt sitting at the base of it, it will open the blocked path and allow you to take it.
  • If playing in co-op, try and have someone with some torch skills, and avoid using the same skills as someone else. A well rounded team is a good team.
  • Torch skills are medic skills, you can heal twice a floor with them, and it will heal 3 points, a very good way to avoid dying to something as simple as a bat.
  • Block and dodge work the same way, pick one if you’re going to use one, and just roll with it, either way you’ll end up with a chance to not take damage.
  • Revive your team members before they fully die, have someone kite if needed and pick them up, but try, at all costs, to always get them up. Death is forever currently, if this changes in the future then ignore this, just try and survive.
  • Split armour and weapons into rolls in co-op. Give whoever has the most need the item, and split potions with whoever needs them more, a healing pot will serve the tank more then the assassin.
  • Avoid hitting enemies into your team, or if you’re alone, try and avoid hitting them into spots you might need to run. Knockback can be a killer.

Enemy Tips

  • Circle strafing works on most enemies, just try and avoid being stuck in a large group.
  • Slimes don’t hurt you, only slow you down. You can ignore them if you need to beat a goblin to death before fighting them.
  • Goblins normally hang out in groups, if you only see one their friends are likely close.
  • Bats are dangerous because of their speed, try and handle swarms of bats first if possible, they can and kill bite you from the sides/behind if you fail to pay attention to them.
  • Crystal enemies are MUCH stronger then their weapon cousins, try and avoid rushing into them if possible and kite them away from bigger groups.

Boss Tips

  • The first boss can be kited easier then some enemies, don’t panic and back into danger trying to keep an eye on him, kill his minions first, and try to keep the area clear.
  • Second boss can be forced to charge his crystals, and that will weaken him. Avoid staying too far from the large crystals, and circle strafe him if you can.
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  1. Add in the basic tips that the stronger torches have more fuel capacity. For example, the first torch has 200 capacity and the red torch (rage fire?) has 275 cap and last longer.

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