Chacara – 100% Full Achievement Guide (All Endings Walkthrough)

Simple pointers for 100% completion.

How to Obtain All Achievements


Chacara is a simple yet pretty well-done and tense PSX-styled first-person horror adventure that features a total of 18 achievements. This guide provides clean-cut pointers for getting them all.

Before starting out, mind that the achievements do not work after finishing a run or failing to do so. Retrying from the death screen or returning to the main menu to start from scratch do not help either. So, be sure to exit and relaunch the game after every successful run or death.


  • You beat the game on easy difficulty.


  • You beat the game on normal difficulty.


  • You beat the game on hard difficulty.

The difficulty level must be changed from the options menu before starting a run. The three related achievements do not stack – i.e. the ones for Easy and Normal can not be unlocked by simply completing the game on Hard. Still, since the game has four endings and does not feature in-game saving, three full-runs (as well as a half-run for the bad ending) are required in any case.

I would advise doing the first run on Easy and getting ‘The Bad Ending’ out of the way as soon as possible. After that, do another run on Easy getting all the secrets and collectibles as detailed below and go for ‘The Second Good Ending’.

It is a good idea to explore the chacara as well as the grounds thoroughly and learn all there is to them while doing the first run: even though there is moderate randomization to item placement, the overall progression remains the same. This run may take up to an hour but the following ones would be noticeably shorter with due knowledge. Switch to Normal on the third run and opt for ‘The Secret Ending’. Finally, start the fourth run on Hard and get ‘The Good Ending’.

Additional notes and tips:

  • Your inventory holds only three items. Press Q while holding an item to drop it on the ground.
  • It is not possible to defend against or hide from the chacara owner, you can only run away.
  • Your flashlight or the switchable fixtures of the chacara does not affect the owner’s vision.
  • Listen for his approach and try not to waste your stamina too much while exploring.
  • You can get away with half a bar on Easy and Normal, but Hard is another matter.
  • The key to survival is to cut the line of sight as soon as possible.
  • You can only take two hits without healing. By the third, you are dead.
  • The locations of the two health packs found within the chacara are fixed.
  • The difficulty level affects the appearance rate and the persistency of the owner.
  • The owner can not get on top of the car or the van, both parked in front the chacara.
  • The same applies to your car. Use this to your advantage while playing / refueling on Hard.


Easy difficulty and ‘The Second Good Ending’ is recommended for the first proper (full) run.

The Bad Ending

  • You got the bad ending.

Get killed. As expected, this ending does not unlock any of the difficulty related achievements.

The Good Ending

  • You got the good ending.

Find the hose and the container, siphon gas from the van, refuel your car and drive away.

The Second Good Ending

  • You got the second good ending.

Read the note found in the barred workshop about the revolver, find the golden key that gets spawned somewhere in the chacara, unlock the parents’ safe, grab the revolver, load it and kill the owner the next time he comes around.

The Secret Ending

  • You got the secret ending.

Find the cassette tape and use it on the player found in the balcony at the back of the chacara while you are being pursued. Power needs to be restored first.

Soy Admin

  • This is were the horror ends and the madness begin.

Getting all four endings (as can be tracked from the progress menu) grants access to developer mode. When the condition is met, start a fresh run and simply press F1.


Listed roughly in order of appearance. Yet, item randomization comes into play.

Wrong Way

  • Turn around my boy.

Upon start, turn around and drive back into the tunnel seen in the opening cutscene.


  • Why are you running?

Try to leave the grounds without any progress at all. Step into the chacara and have a look around. Once the machete you see on the chair on your way in disappears, return to your car.

OK I Pull Up

  • Hop out at the after party.

Interact with the capybaras idling on the other side of the fencing that surrounds the cornfield.

Too Late

Shovel at hand, explore beyond the coop and dig up the mound found on the outer grounds.


  • Damn he so cute!

Interact with the feline picture found on the drawer dresser in the kid’s room.


  • Golden Wind!

After restoring the power, examine the tape player found in the same balcony with the fusebox.

What Are You Doing?

  • Interact with the bra found in the drawer dresser to the back of the parents’ room.

You Know the Rules

  • And so do I.

Find the VHS tape titled ‘SUS’ and use it on the player found in the parents’ room after restoring the power. Though unrelated to the achievement, there are two other tapes in the game (titled ‘1966’ and ‘1972’) that can be found and watched via the same way to get more background info.

The Austrian Painter’s Book

  • What a funny book you found.

Examine the lower left corner of the bookcase found in the parents’ room.


Categorized for ease of use. Once again, actual order differs by run due to randomization.

Man of Culture

  • You read all the notes.

There are a total of 18 collectibles in the game: 4 newspapers, 6 photos, 7 notes and the owner’s diary. The newspapers are not affected by the randomization: the first one is on the driver’s seat of the van, the second one is laying on the floor right by the couches in the living room, the third one is on the dining table in the balcony and the last one is residing on a box in the storeroom. On the other hand, photos and notes change places with every new run. The owner’s diary is a unique collectible in that it consists of several pages and needs to be pried out from the lower right corner of the bookcase found in the parents’ room.

Explore thoroughly and examine all of the following in a single run to unlock the achievement:

The newspapers

The photos

The notes and the owner’s diary

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