Children of the Sun – Basic Guide (Powers, Cultists, Challenges and More)

Guide to Basics


Το take down you’ll have the cult and get your revenge, το master a few basics first.

Moving & shooting

Move the girl by pushing the mouse left or right. The more you push, the faster she’ll move. Press mouse I to αιμ down your scope and use the scroll wheel to zoom in.

Marking enemies

When you have an enemy in your sights, push middle mouse το mark them. Even if you fail or restart a level, the mark will remain. Killing an untagged enemy also counts as a mark.

Weak points

If part of a cultist’s is body glowing, that means they have a weak point. This is how you charge up the armor-busting power shot ability. More on that later.


As you progress through the game you’ll unlock a series of incredible bullet-bending special abilities.

Trajectory change

After firing a shot, hold mouse 2 to alter the trajectory of the bullet. This power at any time, can be activated but you can adjust the only slightly projectile’s path.


Kill two cultists by hitting their weak points and you can press mouse 2 το completely re-aim a shot. The bullet will keep moving, but slowly enough to pick a new target.

Power shot

Hold mouse 1 while a bullet is in motion and it’ll gradually build up speed. With enough momentum, the bullet will rip through enemy armor. Too slow and it’ll just bounce off.


Regular cultists are easily executed, but some of the leader’s henchmen are harder to take down.

Shield cultist

Some cultists carry riot shields, meaning you can’t kill them head-on. You’ll have το use the girl’s bullet manipulating to get around their defences.

Armored cultist

Elite cult soldiers protected gear. By heavy duty riot regular bullets are useless against them, but charge up a power shot and their armor will be rendered useless.

Psychic cultist

Floating cultists with mind powers το rival the girl’s. If a bullet moves into their psychic sphere of its trajectory will influence suddenly change, knocking it off its path.


Pay careful attention το the environment around the girl. It may help, or hinder, you.


If there are no cultists in sight, breaking your chain, look το the sky. If a bird is flying past you can shoot it and keep the bullet going. You’ll need a sharp aim though.


Shooting gas caps and propane tanks will trigger violent explosions. If any cultists are nearby they’ll be killed in the blast. This is a killer way to wipe out multiple enemies at once.

Moving targets

In some levels your targets will be be joy riding in cars, making them tricky το hit. Compensate by anticipating their movements and aiming slightly ahead of their path.


When you start a level, pay attention to the white text beneath the title card.

Every stage in Children of the Sun has an optional bonus objective hidden in it, and this text is a clue το how το complete it.

These objectives are an additional test of skill, challenging you το use the environment in interesting ways. Can you complete them all?


As you play Children of the Sun your skills will be graded based on the following criteria.


The further away a target is, the more points you score. Kill distant enemies το maximize your score.

Time in level

As you spend time in a level your score slowly lowers. Move and kill fast to keep your points high.

Body parts

Head, chest, arm, leg, and dick shots all separately scored. Headshots earn you the most points.

Explosion kill

Earn bonus points by killing cultists with explosions. Look out for propane tanks and gas-filled cars.


If you manage το take out several enemies with a single explosion you’ll earn even more points.

Score multiplier

Your score multiplier will increase with each successive kill, increasing your end-of-level total.

Time aiming

A timer runs down when you’re aiming, losing you points. Aim and shoot decisively το avoid this.

Enemy type

Killing shielded, armored, and psychic cultists earns you more points than killing regular dudes. You’ll also earn extra points if your target is moving.

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