Chivalry 2 – How to Farm More Points (XP and Gold)

Here you can learn how to farm XP and gold faster.

Guide to Farm More Points

The Team

Always choose the team who is attacking, because there you can get extra points for doing the objectives.

Farming Classes

Knight – Guardian

You can farm a lot of points with the banner, you have to be patient for your team to stay together. Most of the time this happens when there is an objective to capture a zone.

Archer – Skirmisher

The javelins are the deadliest projectiles in Chivalry 2, they deal a lot of damage, even if you don’t kill anyone, every time you hit someone you get points and when is gonna die you take extra points for assist.

Ballistas, Catapults and Barricades

Destroy, repair, repeat

Destroy ballistas and catapults how much you can, there are stages in every map where you can find them behind your spawn. You don’t need to be afraid if you are deserting, you lose only 50 points.

Points/Repair Time

  • Ballista: 160-185 Points – 8 Seconds.
  • Catapult: 65-85 Points – 5 Seconds (not every catapult can give points).

The points taken from the destruction of ballistas and catapults depends a lot on damage.

For example if I just spam left click with the messer at a ballista, I get 162 points and is more slower, but if I spam wheel down I get 175 points and is more faster.

Never avoid the enemy barricades, they can be easily destroyed and give a decent amount of points.

Best map to farm

The Dark Forest because there are a lot of ballistas and in the last stage you have a ballista and a catapult as bonus.


Many players don’t know how many points the objectives can give. In special when they have to destroy or capture something.

  • When your objective is to capture you can get every time you capture something 75 points.
  • When your objective is to destroy depends on what you destroy and how much you destroy.

Best map to farm

The Raid on Aberfell the objective to push the pagan stones gives the most points of all objectives. Each stone can be pushed 3 times and you get 200 points each time you push it, the pushing duration is 3 seconds.

The End of the Match

Even if you win or lose, you will have a lot of points that will turn into XP and gold.

Written by Domn Ionescu

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