Chorus – Save Files for All Three Mastery

Play for fun, not for farm. Use my saves to do only few kills with specific Mastery and unlock related achievements.

All Three Mastery Save Files

Links and Locations

  • Back up your own save files first!
  • They can be found at:
    • C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Local\SpacePrototype\Saved\SaveGames
  • Download my files from here.
  • Disable Steam Cloud sync!
  • Replace a folder, REMOVE my steam_autocloud.vdf file, also make sure the folder is visible i.e. not set to hidden, and start the game. There, select Continue.

Mastery of Weapons & Combat

Mastery of Weapons

  • Achieve full mastery of weapons

Mastery of Combat

  • Achieve full mastery of combat

What to do for both Masteries

Need to eliminate 1 enemy while boosting

And destroy 2 armoured vessels with missiles.

You should appear in Nimika Prime. Start side mission “Family Business” by flying/contacting Aryana (blue marker). Play it normally, until you reach the confrontation part. There you will have exactly 2 armoured enemies and 3 tiny ships simple enough to shoot while boosting.

The achievements should pop after all enemies dealt with.

Mastery of Rites

Mastery of Rites

  • Achieve full mastery of Rites

What to do for Rites

There’s one left: Collision Course. Meaning you need to grab an enemy and throw it into asteroids. Three times.

You should appear in Stega Central. Fly around and the game will spawn enemies. Simply get close, seize them and launch towards meteoroids.

The achievement should pop after all enemies dealt with.

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