Suzerain – Solo War 2.0 as Reformist Run

After many attempts I finally managed to beat rumburg alone with reformist run. Reason why I picked reformist run because its very flexible compared to other runs.

Also for solo war you shouldn’t have any major crises otherwise you will always lose no matter how strong your economy or army.

Here how I managed to do that:

  • Prologue
  • Chose midle income
  • History degree
  • Human rights
  • Be a pro sollist
  • Campaign for edwald after he wins and advise him to step down.

Important Decisions


  • Veto Campaign Finance Bill
  • Invest 2000 Stocks in Armadine
  • Accept to meet with koronti
  • Promote Planned Economy
  • L-1 high speed rail for first mega Project(It delivers supply faster to front)
  • Work with reformist for constitution


  • Dont ban any Organizations
  • Deal with Koronti
  • Attend Bernas Funeral
  • Dont take bribe from Tusk
  • Visit affected towns
  • Provide stimulus cheques for people
  • Pick SSC for L-1 project
  • Condemn Rumburg(Be diplomatic)
  • Veto Tourism Act


  • For constitution make the reforms minimal; %8threshold, term limit, confidence vote, assembly and court can impreach with majority in both and lastly dont change Member of honor, immunity of court or DECREES!
  • Increase Defence and Interior funds, mantain health and decrease Education(useless unless you are roleplaying as good guy Rayne)
  • Invest alone in gasom, Increase Epa to %49 and sale 1/3 shares (Actually you can probably sell 2/3 shares cuz we are going to change EPA back to %10 afterwards I just didnt tried it so idk if It causes energy crise event)
  • Fly away with Alphanso
  • Veto green bill


  • Give securty fundings to Ministry of Justice and form ACP
  • Increase tax for large decrease for small and medium
  • Refuse to reform Education
  • Keep Education under state control
  • Convince Gloria by canceling Monica’s speech
  • Convince Albin by offering him VP at next Cabinet
  • Invest in Lorren
  • Give more funds to SSC
  • Veto workers bill
  • Mechanize the farms at Gruni


  • Veto Religous harmony bill
  • Investigate Oligarch’s with ACP
  • Expand military(valken’s plan)
  • For trade with agnolia be kind then accept his -1 budget deal.Dont recognize Island or form alliance.
  • For wehlen trade ask for specifics then bargain for sordlands contribution in Operation after that just accept his deal.(He is a funny guy)


  • Expand Air force
  • Keep reservist
  • Build Morna port for second project.And award it to ssc
  • Keep healthcare under state control
  • Sell 1/3 or 2/3 of your gasom shares.I go with 1/3 because I didnt want any major crises but Idk if 2/3 shares cause any crises since we will revert EPA to %10 again
  • Veto central bank reinforce act
  • Dont make any joint speech at Victory Day.(It will piss of centrist so much)
  • When bergia special zone discussion pop up hear both nia’s and lileas’ offer but tell them you dont like neither of offers and both of them failed to impress you.When you select that option Nia says It will hard to convince party to add article 6-7 changes.Tell her that you want to do that and she will support you because she trusts you.


  • Nationalize bergia steel leave HOS alone.
  • Veto unified language act.
  • At meeting with bludish leaders tell them you support their cause but it will hard to pass this changes via assembly.After this they will offer you BFF for changes which you should accept it.
  • Gloria will confront you when you add these changes to new constitution.Tell her situation about Bergia.When she calls you secessionist tell her you are not and you have a plan to eliminate BFF.After that tell her BFF lost bludish people’s support and you have information about their leaders.She will ask you about source of this information tell her that its fetih ejall. She will says party has 2 conditions for support you.Accept to arrest your informant and Revert EPA to %10 again.
  • After you convince Whole USP richter will confront you just accept his demands.(He is a “Democratic Jerk”)
  • Convince Justice Isabel(There is a guide about it)
  • Arrange meeting with heron with Lucian and Bribe him -2 Personal fund
  • You shouldn’t need heron’s help prob since you will get +1 from histroic vote and +1 from koronti anways.
  • Congrats constitution passed the court.
  • Continue investigating Oligarchs with ACP
  • Grant asylum for rumburgian traitor.
  • Send Franc to Army
  • Start trade negotiations with valgsland.


  • Make trade deal with valgsland.Dont form alliance or recognize the island.
  • Inform Lucian about petr’s affair.Make petr your scapegoat in affair scandal.Blame rumburg publicly for their involment and sending their spy to Sordland in press conference.Order force resignation of petr.
  • Accept monica and ciara’s opinion but veto their Woman Liberation bill when it pop ups.When Monica asks you that why you vetoed the bill tell her it wasnt good enough and you didnt have a chance to find her.
  • Pick Lucian as new VP
  • gendarmerie stays at ministry of Defence(requires for solo war)
  • Let nia investigate koranelli cartel but inform Koronti after so he can cover up his tracks.When he ask who did that investigation blame Lileas.
  • Vaccinate polio disease for -1 budget.(You will likely to lose war if you have any epidemic)
  • Sign less smoke bill
  • Attend bludish anniversary.

For decrees pick:

  • Fair trade
  • Value added tax
  • Gender Equality in Education(Why not its feeling good to be being good guy sometimes)

Meet with protestor’s leaders because they are peaciful.Accept her demands and sign their Freedom Act bill when it pops up. Veto security Act.


  • Veto human dignity bill
  • Veto children for Future act
  • Sign Alcohol tax.
  • Sign luxury tax
  • Start SORDISH WAR MACHINE when they shoot you plane down.
  • Take International Loan.
  • Try to have friendly peaciful image at interwiew.(There is a another Guide about it)Rumburg will be kicked out of OMEC ıf you managed it perfectly.


  • At An dont provoke anyone just focus on rumburg.Tell them rumburg has nuclear facilities and tripled their army in a decade etc.If you manage AN perfetcly they will sanction Rumburg after few events.
  • In war planning go with valken’s plan(the mad lad) Dig in first and attack to dome afterwards.
  • If you managed everything perfectly at end of this turn you will not get the gun as collection item.If you get gun well you lost the war and prob made something wrong.

You will get elected again regardless of public opinion so it doesnt matter when you tax most of thing or give some right to bludish they will chant your name after you win the war.

Diplomacy-War with Rumburg

  • Dont ally with anyone just trade with them (If you ally with anyone you will always fail)
  • Fully support valken whatever he says(This lad is totally madman and I like it)
  • Dont close embassy just condemn them(try to be diplomatic)
  • Grant asylum to rumburgian traitor
  • Dont recognize island for neither of sides
  • Dont Fully partake in bear trap operation just defend your border
  • When you discover that suno is Rumburg spy Make Vectern your scapegoat.(He will suicide but I missed the part where its Sordland’s problem)
  • When they shoot your plane use Sordish War Machine
  • Also sent Franc to army and when it comes to war dont take him from frontline(Its time for franc to be a MAN)
  • At interwiew tell them you want peace friendship etc. There is a another guide about it.(When you done that Rumburg will be kicked out of OMEC)
  • At AN dont provoke anyone just focus on Rumburg tell them they tripled their army over a decade etc. Also most importantly Tell Them About Rumburg Nuclear Facilities that you learned from rumburgian traitor.(After couple of events they will sanction Rumburg if you managed AN perfectly)
  • For war follow valken’s plan dig first then attack to dome.(If you made everything correctly you will not get gun as collection item and win the war but if you get the gun well it seems you lost the war so you did something wrong probably)
  • Congrats you soloed her I mean Rumburg

Really Important Modifiers For Winning War Alone

You can win war with any run you just need these modifiers and avoid all major crises.

  • Avoid all major crises(energy,debt,Great depression, Revolt, etc)
  • Always follow valken plans and build L-1 Railway.
  • Trade with Agnolia,wehlen and valgsland or lespia
  • Dont make any alliances try to be diplomatic.
  • You have to deal with bergia somehow opression or reconciliation.Otherwise they will help rumburg at war.
  • Planned Economy is better in war but some people managed to win war with free market.
  • Always play victim Against Rumburg.Make sure they kicked out from OMEC and sanctioned by AN.
  • Expand air forces and military Industry
  • Try to get morale modifiers like sending Franc to frontline or getting Soll’s help in war meeting.(Daddy is here to save you)
  • Maximize the infrastructure.(Build railway, morna port etc.)
  • Try to stabilize regions as much as possible.Get green production and definitely Sordish Great Recovery.
  • Accept rumburgian defector and mention their nuclears at AN otherwise they will bomb you to stone age.

To sum up, build up your army and recover your economy while crippling rumburg.


  1. I’ve tried to use this guide but got really confused, It would’ve been nice if you went through each major decision in order and maybe went into detail (with each think you need to say in say special zone conversation etc) but thank you for trying this game needs more guides

    • In special zone conversation just listen their both offers first.Then say both of them didnt convince you and failed to impress you so you have another plan in mind.Nia will be hesitant at first tell her you want this changes she will support you because she trust you.And she will arrange meeting with bludish leaders about new changes just accept it because they will give you BFF for the changes.

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