Code Vein – Cannoneer and Blade Bearer Boss Fight Tips

How to Beat Cannoneer and Blade Bearer Boss

So, this boss can be difficult without an ai partner. Personally, if you’ve been playing with an ai partner, I recommend ditching them, either after this boss or in NG. They prevent you from really learning the enemies.

Build wise, elemental wall is a great idea here. Cleansing light is just great insurance once you learn the bosses pattern, ensuring solitary mistakes don’t cost you too much.

If you like melee, try transforming a couple of your favorites into ice and fire weapons.

If you’re a mage, a quick cd fire and ice gift are nice along with one longer cd heavy damage one.

Now I realize you probably haven’t gone and beat the DLC so you don’t have some of the more destructive fire or ice gifts but the roars are okay, guard of honor. I’m assuming this is your first playthrough so you probably don’t have ichorous ice yet. Ember Reversal is good from Scathach if you have it, very spammable, low ichor, low CD.

So basically, get gifts that mitigate elemental damage, bring weapons or gifts of fire and ice element, and the usual insurance like cleansing light.

For the strategy, focus on BB, she’s the one who’s going to be the most aggressive and try to learn to dodge her stuff. It will feel unfair because the Cannoneer will still attack you offscreen, and I admit on NG+ I can’t always win even though I can dodge BB near perfect.

If you go for C first the BB will chase you constantly, C is almost completely still due to their range.

And look, with an AI partner the game on the first playthrough is so easy compared to when I did NG+ solo. It’s nuts what a difference just having something else to take hits does.

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  1. Some advice if you plan on going into New Game+ is stacking fire and ice resistance. Use a veil that has high base ice resistance like Winter Mantle, transform it with fire. Use flame and ice resist gifts and consumables and you’re basically immortal to both bosses for as long as you can keep the buffs up. The only thing that can really deal damage to you is Cannoneer punching you.

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