Coral Island – Starter Tips

What have I learned, that might help you.

Newbies Tips

I have had a lot of fun playing this game. One of the things I enjoy the most is that there are no deadlines that only come once. It may take time for a season (or date) to come back around in a year, but as long as you aren’t stressing yourself to “win” by getting everything done as fast as possible.

You can’t choose to save the game. Instead it auto-saves when you go to sleep at night. Remember not to exit the game in the middle of the day or you will lose the progress that you made so far that day.

In the Main Menu, you can choose “Settings”. If you adjust “Game Time Speed” to 50%, you can accomplish twice as much in a day. You can decide what your style is, but you should know the option.

Right now, you can only advance your skills to level 5. This is frustrating, especially to those of us were able to achieve level 10 before the major upgrade this month. You can’t change this, but it is good for you to know that you aren’t doing anything wrong.

Planting is one of the easiest ways to get money and advance a skill that you have access from the beginning. Remember to water them. (You’ll be able to craft sprinklers later, but not for a while.)

You will be invited to dive or to mine and those has a lot of areas to collect items. I find it to be relaxing to remove the trash from the ocean. Mining will give you plenty of stones.

Anytime that you receive a new object, look at it in inventory before you sell it. If it says “donated”, it is something that you can get points by donating it to the museum. If that block is green, it means you have already donated it; if that block is grey that means that you haven’t donated yet. Donated items to the museum don’t give you money, but it advances your character level. If it says “offered” that means that you are going to offer them to a goddess. Save those items until you offer them later. This advances your character level and completing a section will give you a reward. Some rewards are lame but some are very nice. The software doesn’t make the “offered” block to change from gray to green when you offer it, so you will need to keep track yourself.

Later you will be able to convert trash to scrap. Don’t sell trash or scrap; instead save them. Scrap is needed for a lot of items to craft and can’t be purchased directly.

Wood will be needed later on and there aren’t a lot of trees outside of your farm. What I did was clear my own farm. (Again, I found it relaxing to clean up the area as long as I didn’t stress about how many days it takes.) Once the farm was clear, I planted the tree seeds (with 2 empty blocks between the trees in all directions) and used the lower half of the farm space for the planted trees. Later on, if you need wood, it will all be waiting for you. Later you will have gained the skills to occasionally get hardwood when you chop normal trees. Later I needed 5 hardwoods and it took me to chop down the entire forest (half of your farm) just to get 5 hardwoods.

Clearing the ocean will give you plenty of bronze and later silver kelp. You won’t be able to get silver kelp until you have access to the second level of the ocean. You won’t be able to access that second level until you bribe three turtles. The third one requires milk and you can only get milk by having a barn and a cow, so it will be expensive. Just be patient, you won’t be able to do it right away.

When you start off, you won’t know who all the villagers are. When you look at the Map (pushing “m”), you will see question marks for any person that you have never met. There are two people won’t be in the town in Spring but will appeal in Summer. I believe one stays in the Fall, but the other disappears until next summer.

I am sure I am forgetting many things, but hopefully this is helpful.

Written by Cunning

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