Corridor Z – 100% Full Achievement Guide

A guide to help highlight the achievement goals of Corridor Z.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Overview Tips & Tricks

Please be aware this is a long haul for 100% completion.

An achievement called Mass Creation will take a long time to compete.

If you see a green light, a turn is going to be coming up really quickly. If you see a red light, that means that there is a weapon on the ground. Gold means that there is a stash of rations on the side. Blue means that if you hit down, you will get a collectable.

  1. Throughout the game and the daily login will provide rations which can use to power up weapons and use perks.
  2. The best way to kill zombies is to let them get close so you will get head shots for instant kills. If you want to focus on zombie kills for achievements or an in-game mission, just don’t use any objects and let them come to you, so you preserve bullets.
  3. Once you’ve survived for 11 days and which will unlocked all of the perks.
  4. You starts you out with 3 characters, and your crew will grow to 5 by games end. Each character has 3 lives with which you can go on runs, and these lives replenish themselves over time. You can also replenish lives by using med kits which you can find or craft. However I doubt you will use up all the lives for every character that you would feel the need to use med kits.
  5. Many achievements are cumulative across all play through, and should come naturally as you complete missions.

Overview of Achievements

The majority of the miscellaneous achievements will come naturally by completing missions such as killing zombies with certain weapons.

Fresh Meat

  • Get bitten by zombies

A common ending in the game, You unlock this achievement by getting catch by the zombies.

Until Dawn would be your second achievement and it unlocks by surviving to the second day by completing all the mission’s of the first day.

Fast Food

  • Running up to or pass 1000 meters in a single run.

Corridor Z should be tracking at the top middle of the screen how many meters you’ve gone in each run.
Once you reach 1000 meters, it should unlock. If it doesn’t, it will unlock after you complete your run (by getting caught).


  • Kill 250 Zombies

Corridor Z should be tracking the zombie’s deaths on the top left or right of the screen for every run however it won’t show you the grand total. These deaths can be counted with any weapon and with a trip mine.

Dead Eye

  • Get 1000 Head shots

Like many other games they are a insta kill on normal zombies. The best way to get head shots is to allow the zombies close before shooting them.


  • Run 42195 Meters

This is a based off all your runs.

Machine Gun

  • Shoot 5000 bullets

Based off all runs I recommend just unload every weapon you get right away after getting head shot achievement.

Mass Creation

  • Use 1000 objects (10,000)

Warning! People have reported this achievement having a typo where they warn you actually need to use 10,000 objects.

The use of objects are based off all of your runs. Items located on your left, right and above that are used to slow down the zombies are considered objects. (Please note pickups on the ground are not considered objects).


  • Open 100 Doors

The Opening of the “door” is starting a run it is not tied to any of the doors you close during the runs nor opening the door in the main menu screen.

Dear Diary

  • Collect all pages of Jill Diary (36 Pages)

In the runs you can pick them up the same way you grab a gun. Unlike the weapons in the game which glow a red/orange. The pages of Jill diary glow blue, the same colour of medical supplies.

Diary pages are found in order from first to last, as they basically tell the story of the game. That in mind, you don’t actually have to read or look at them at all, only collect them.


  • Start a run with all perks equipped

A total of 5 perks in the game, to get this achievement you will need to get to day 11. This achievement should unlock when starting that run or when you finish that run.

Hidden Achievement Chief Executive Janitor

The main menu of the game. You should see a door, and a hanging light on the ceiling when you start up the game. Tap on the light multiple times until it breaks, earning you the first achievement which you can do at any point of the game.

Z-Man Achievement

Z-Man achievement requires collecting all the collectables throughout the game.

There is a total 67 collectables:

  • 36 Jill’s Diary
  • 14 Audio Logs
  • 17 Clues

The Diary pages & Audio Logs are earned by collection through runs and mission rewards.

Best way to gain collectables are to listen for a ringing cell phone then shortly after you should be able to see the glowing blue light where the collectable is.

Mission rewards

In order to find these missions, open up the Map screen from the character select screen, and look for missions with a small box icon on the top-right of their normal icon. By selecting these missions to be rewarded with items after completion. You will not be guaranteed to earn a collectable, and may instead receive rations, but as long as you don’t own all the collectables you have a high chance of gaining them.

Final Clue

somewhat special in that it is collected by playing a special mission for Chow, the second and last time this will happen in the game. When you have picked up the second-to-last Clue collectable you will want to go to the Map screen for your next run, and find the special Chow mission, and select it. Complete the mission to earn the final cut scene, as well as the last collectable.

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