Counter-Strike 2 – How to Bind Jumpthrow

Jumpthrow bind! Binding a key to automatically jumping and throwing a Smoke, flash, Nade etc. Never miss a smoke again!

Locating the CS2 Folder

First step is to locate your CS2 folder, the new location for CS2 (from 09-28) is by “Default”

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\game\csgo\cfg

(You might have it installed on another HDD OR SSD with another Name (C,D,E,F,G etc.)

(Optional) You can also access the folder by Right clicking Counter-Strike 2 -> Manage -> Browse local files. And then click “game”, “csgo” and then “CFG”.

Within this folder we need to make a “autoexec.cfg” file, This can be done by right clicking inside the “cfg” folder -> choose new -> text document.

(If you already have a “autoexec.cfg” then just copy and paste it in there)

Inside the newly created text document, (or your autoexec file that you had before) copy and paste: bind “alt” “exec jumpthrowbind”

Now click “save as” and name it “autoexec.cfg”

(* “Alt” can be changed for whatever key/button you want to use for for the jumpthrow command.

(If you cant se the file type (.cfg) and (.txt) need can change this by going to File Explorer under View, in the Show/hide group, select the File name extensions check box.

Making the “Throwbind” Config

Make a new Text document in the same location as before, open it and copy paste:


Save as “jumpthrowbind.cfg”

It should look just like the picture!

Making the Commands Actually Work! (Most Important)

  • Open up your Steam client.
  • Right click Counter Strike 2 and go to “Properties”
  • Now under “Launch Options” add the following line “+exec autoexec.cfg” then close the window.

Your Now Done!

If you followed the guide correctly you can now jumpthrow in CS2 with “alt” key or whatever key/button you binded it to.

Written by NadeZ

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