Country Bumpkin Yutaka – How to Unlock All Yutakas

Unlocking All Yutakas

I’ve unlocked all Yutakas. I’m pretty sure all of these have Girlfriend with Nanashi and corrupted by other kids ending variants other than normal:

  • Normal: Don’t unlock any special ending, and you’ll get this by default.
  • Busty Tomboy: Unlock a special ending with high boyishness and high cheerfulness.
  • Pure Girly: Unlock an ending with low boyishness and high cheerfulness. All three ending choices will unlock a special ending
  • Depressed: Unlock a special ending with low cheerfulness. Boyishness level is irrelevant.
  • Bratty: Middle of the road boyishness and cheer and low town friendship.
  • Ultra-Slut: Lose your virginity in the middle stage. You have to read the sex book at the end of the midday stage when given the option. Then, you can either screw the village kids in a side event to get one variant or if you also have high boyishness, you can unlock the both variants of the slut ending by talking with Nanashi

Additional Notes: Spoilers!

Getting all the coins (10/10) and unlocking the black door unlocks full recollection.

This also gives you access to unlimited items so you can more easily get most of the endings. That said, the full recollection do not contain the endings which don’t have any sex. They are the normal ending, the girlish Nanashi girlfriend ending, and the gloomy girlfriend ending from what I know.

I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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