SunnySide – The Drone App and How to Build

In this short guide you will learn the Drone App you receive from Hiro and why it’ll need to build your house or any buildings.

The Drone App Explained

In Short

Hiro gives you the laptop and an App on your phone.

After you put the laptop in the build station on your farm you should be able to access the drone through the app on your phone.

There will be a build mode (2) that lets you place blueprints you add items into.

In Details

After you get that app from Hiro you have to go back to your farm and in that little shed where your hose is, there should be a blue highlighty spot for you to install the laptop he gave you.

After that, your next quest objective will be to go to the Woodworks. After the scene there, another blue highlight will appear on your farm for where the Teahouse will be built, and you’ll need to obtain the materials to create it by gathering wood and stone and refining them at the woodworks and blacksmith.

In the future, you’ll be able to get blueprints for houses and other buildings. For those, you open the drone app, hit 2 to switch to build mode, and a list of available blueprints will show up on the bottom bar. you select a blueprint, select where to palce it, and then once you provide the necessary materials, that object or building will be created.

Here’s an example of what the build mode interface should look like if it helps.

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