Crab Game – How to Change the Color of Your Name

How to be a Cool Kid with a shiny colorful name!

How to Change the Color

  • Go to friends list.
  • Click yourself.
  • Click edit profile name.
  • Copy one of the codes into your name below (make sure its before the part you want to change color).


Here are some colors, there could be more:

  • RED: <#F00>
  • BLUE: <#00F>
  • GREEN: <#0F0>
  • YELLOW: <#FF0>
  • ORANGE: <#F90>
  • CYAN: <#0FF>
  • PURPLE: <#A0F>
  • DARK PURPLE: <#90F>
  • PINK: <#F0F>
  • DESIGN BLUE: <#05F>
  • LIGHT-PINK: <#A57>

Other cool stuff you can do and conclusion:

There is also:

  • <B> for bold.
  • <mark> gives a highlight over the text.
  • <size=???> makes the name bigger or smaller on the leader board (think the normal size is about 30).

May work for other games!

This is the same method that was used in Fall Guys back when players were named by their Steam name, Fall Guys also uses Unity, so may be possible to use this in other games.

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  1. Now it only changes your name on leaderboard. Not in the actual game while players look at you, your name will still be white

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