Criminal Expert – 100% Achievement Guide

Guide to all achievements in ‘Criminal Expert’ with in-depth details, images and video references. Contains spoliers.


I found difficulty in figuring out how to progress through the mystery as well as some achievements. This guide will detail how to unlock each achievement in a non-chronological order. It should be noted that achievements don’t tend to appear until you’ve closed the game.

After you believe you’ve acquired an achievement, you could keep playing until you see that there has been a save, exit the game, and check if the achievement has been unlocked. Beware that this guide will have spoilers.

Criminal Expert / True Detective

Win the game within 2/3 hours: ForeverEntertainment uploaded this guide to win the game to their YouTube channel. While it doesn’t show how to unlock every achievement, it will serve for some of them and allow you to beat the game.


Properly search all the apartments and State Agricultural Farm: You have 3 tries to find 3 matching items. There may be multiple trios of evidence for each apartment, but here is what progressed my playthroughs.

The State Agricultural Farm is different as you are to collect all 15 items. I have images circling the items I’ve found to progress the investigation.

Justyna’s Apartment

Fingerprint on the Doorframe / Cigarettes / Fingerprint on the Glass

Matheus’ Apartment

Fingerprint on the Refrigerator / Soil / Shoes

State Agricultural Farm

There are two types of clues at the State Agricultural Farm, physical and scent traces. The scent traces are discovered by changing from the magnifying glass with UV light to the search dog by pressing Control of the Middle Mouse Button. Scent locations are the blue circles, but you get them easily by quickly running your cursor across the whole screen.

Long Black Hair / Shoe Print / Rope Fibre / Jacket Fibre / Fur From Romauld’s Dog / Empty Beer Can / Cigarette Butt / Long Black Hair / Dried Blood / Dog Paw Prints / Shoe Print / Scent Trace/ Scent Trace / Scent Trace / Scent Trace


Lose the game: There are numerous ways to fail and be unable to solve the mystery this includes:

  • Waiting for the timer to expire (see “Under Pressure” for a quick way of doing this).
  • Arresting Matheus prematurely
  • Accusing Justyna or Matheus
  • Failing enough mini-games will practically guarantee that you’re unable to catch the culprit.

Eagle Eye

Correctly recognise the licence plate from the intro: After the introductory cutscene, immediately go to the database on the computer and enter the vehicle section. Looking under the licence plate tab, you’ll want to submit “DL 91781” and you’ll see the history of incidents with Kuba Winny’s vehicle and skip his interrogation.

Under Pressure

Justyna comes to the next day twice: During the first interrogation with Justyna, when you get to the first point in which you have multiple dialogue options, say “I understand, so there’s no hurry. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, we can always stop.” Let the dialogue play out and an analogue clock will appear on the screen with the hands spinning quickly. With a large chunk of your investigation time gone, Justyna will return and you continue where you left off.

After asking what she does for a living, use the dialogue option “Indeed, you are perfectly prepared, but you don’t convince me, I will not buy this software from you anyway.” This will repeat her dialogue about not feeling well and reschedule the interrogation. The clock appears again and you restart the conversation about her work. You can replay this again and again until the timer runs out (making this a good way to unlock “Rookie”).

Disclaimer: As of writing, this strategy has not unlocked me the achievement. However, these instructions come from the developers themselves who I spoke with at length regarding my lack of unlocking the achievement. They maintain that it is odd that I have not unlocked the achievement with this method and claimed they’d look into it. Please let me know if this works for you or if the method itself is incorrect despite its source.

Boring, Boring

Skip dialogues 30 times: Self-explanatory, you should get it a few interrogations in by pressing right-click or backspace during a cutscene.


Win the solitaire: On the computer’s desktop, it is the upper of the two icons on the right side of the screen. I recommend doing this immediately after the introductory cutscene as that is before the 3 hour timer activates. This gives you enough time to learn the game if you’re unfamiliar and have multiple attempts without fearing for the rest of your game.

Mastermind / Egghead

Correctly arrange the puzzle within 5/10 minutes: You have 15 minutes total to complete the puzzle, but we’re aiming for far below that. The opening layout of the 15 tiles is different each time, so the official walkthrough will be of no use. You are attempting to replicate the image on the right, but know that the top left square is always missing. This may take a few attempts, so you can use the video guide to get back to this point reliably.

Gone Girls

Correctly fill in the form about missing women: Submit the following details into the form:

  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 36 – 39
  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Height: 160 – 165
  • Area: Legnica
  • Years Since Disappearance: 26 – 29

You Got A Match!

Win the evidence matching mini-game: There are pairs of evidence that have to be matched and the player has 10 attempts to find these.

Also, you can only successfully use each piece of evidence once; for example, there are multiple clues that can match to Romauld’s DNA, but you can only do one. There may be more pairs to succeed in this puzzle, but here all that I’ve discovered:

  • Doll Hair / DNA Marianna Osiecka
  • Doll Hair / DNA Krystyna Widawska
  • Doll Hair / DNA Beata Guziol
  • Knife / DNA Romauld
  • Blood / DNA Justyna
  • Semen / DNA Romauld
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