DAVE THE DIVER – Marinca / FishMon Guide

Gotta fish’em all.

Guide to Marinca/ FishMon


This guide will only cover species that are locked by certain event/biome or most divers have trouble locating it.

Any species that do not appear in this guide should be readily available to all divers.

3 Star Marine Cards

To acquire 3 star Marine Cards, you must catch each species alive, which means you need to either tranquilize them or capture them with a net gun.

However, there are exceptions where tranquilizer and ordinary net gun are not enough.

Steel Net Gun

Steel Net Gun is the final upgrade of Net Gun. It will become available once you complete the sub mission The Sea Peeple’s Workshop.

The following three cards can only be 3 star with the Steel Net Gun.

  • No. 0123 Sally Lightfoot Crab
  • No. 0204 Bluespotted Stargazer
  • No. 0207 Spider Crab.

I was able to tranquilize Marbled Electric Ray before but couldn’t find the angle to initiate drone. But the Steel Net Gun makes the prompt for drone easier.


For every medium and large fish, you need the drone to capture them alive. Without the drone, you can only carve them twice for 2 star rating.

The drone will become available once you encounter the Tuna Yacht Party.


Seaweed Biome

  • No. 0034 Sheepshead
  • No. 0040 Striped Catfish

They will only spawn in seaweed biome.


  • No. 0030 Bluefin Tuna
  • No. 0031 Yellowfin Tuna

They will become available after triggering Tuna Yacht Party.


  • No. 0046 Shortfin Mako
  • No. 0047 Zebra Shark

They will become available after triggering Storm Shark Party.


  • No. 0048 Marlin
  • No. 0126 Sailfish

They will become available after triggering Marlin Party.


  • No. 0617 Ruby Seadragon

They will rarely spawn after mining a ruby ore in the hydrothermal vents.


All parties have a 5 days cycle. Once a party ended, day 1 will be a cool down period, nothing happens. Day 2 you will get an email about the next party. Then you will have day 2, 3, 4, and 5 to hunt for them. on the night of day 5, the party occurs.

So far i have seen jellyfish, tuna, marlin, shark, cucumber, curry, shrimp.


Warrior Parrotfish

  • It has a helmet to protect its head.
  • Shoot its back/ tail.

Wizard Barrel Jellyfish

  • It teleports when you get too close.
  • Grab a sniper rifle before you dive.

Poison Ghost Squid

  • It becomes untargetable unless shined by UV light from yellow box in depths.

Silver Titan Triggerfish

  • Can only be hurt by electric damage.
  • Grab a lighting weapon before dive, don’t confuse with shock, which inflicts paralysis

Spotted Moray eel

  • Not sure what special thing it does, maybe because it only appears at night? just shoot it and capture it.

Prismatic Fanfish

  • The real Fanfish will always have shiny fins. The light on the fins of the fake ones will diminish after a while.
  • It is located at the Underwater Lake, try to hug the right wall in the depths, you will find it. It is where the sub mission Curious Child takes place.

Explosive Vampire Squid

  • Not sure what special thing it does, I didn’t trigger anything special. just shoot it and capture it.



  1. Cant find the Comber and Sea Goldie in the epilogue anymore, they either cant spawn anymore or the seed is extremely rare

  2. 613 is a rare drop in the Limestone cave, stalactites all over the cave.
    just dive, check for cave, if you cant find alt+f4 and repeat.
    612 seems to be in the same area but when the Limestone cave is not present.
    111 is just a rare spawn, looks like a sardine, kinda small.
    Comber (002) and Sea Goldie (004) spawn together at the top, Comber is very small and thin.
    Ornate Wrasse (014) spawns together with Comber and Sea Goldie,

  3. Any idea where to find the seahorse between spotted and zebra? Supposed to spawn between 50-130m, but i keep catching all the others instead. Also can’t find the Jade Pedestal for Ecowatcher. Thanks.

    • Update: Jade Pedestal is in the third glacial cave, after clearing the quest version of it.

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