Crypto Clicker – 100% Full Achievement Guide

How to get all achievements in this game.

How to Obtain All Achievements

From Nothing to Quintillion

Firstly, I recommend getting an autoclicker for this game as it is heavily click based (and there is an achievement for 1,000,000 clicks).

The most important buildings are the first one (as it increases click value) and the last one/highest you can buy (as it increases CPS the most). Upgrades are very helpful (specially for these two buildings). Note: if your upgrade screen gets cluttered, you can drag it to see the other upgrades.

Upgrade levels (as I remember):

  • 10, 25, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 500 (note: no upgrades after 500, see later section about this)

Other “games” (lack of better name):

There are three games: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin (each unlocked by playing the previous).

You need to reach 100 of each building in all three as there is an achievement for that.

You also unlock upgrades that benefit the buildings in the other games (I believe around 50-100 of each item). This boost might come in handy but it is very expensive for the high buildings.

You may also need to play them for the upgrades achievements such as 1,000 upgrades.

The ascension stage (Trillion – Quintillion)

The ascension option becomes available in the menu when you reach a few Trillion. As each ascension doubles your upgrades, it is definitely worth it. Ascend as soon as you are able to.

You also get ascension tokens, I recommend focusing on one game and upgrade that to x16 first.

You can ascend 10 times in total, unlock all but one ascension skill (but the ad skills are worthless anyway so it doesn’t matter). Now you should be able to reach Quintillion. Each click should now be 0.4096 in the beginning.

Bears, Bulls and Clovers

You need to click on 100 bears and 100 bulls for achievements. You only need 13 clovers but they are rare compared to the other two.

Bears move around and halves your money. But when you click them, you get it back with an interest (typically 2-3 times the amount you had before). I don’t think they can disappear (and thereby steal your money for good) as they get caught in a loop with your CPS at some point.

Bulls increase CPS. They can disappear so if you play AFK with autoclicker, you might need to pay attention. Bulls are very useful in the early game but once you reach Quintillion or so, they are pretty much useless.

Clovers are like golden cookies in Cookie Clicker but way rarer. They will also move around and disappear but will give a good amount of money if captured.

From Quintillion

Once you reach Quintillion/Sextillion, don’t bother with buildings anymore. There are no upgrades past 500, no new buildings and no ascensions so we need to change strategy.

You can turn your autoclicker off now (assuming you have 1,000,000 clicks). Extra clicks worth Quadrillions/Quintillions don’t have an impact anymore.

From this point onwards, you will gain money by the red bears. Every bear will roughly double your money. In my experience, the average time between achievements here is about 10 minutes.

Clovers are also good. They are rare but seem to multiply your money amount by 3 or so.

Game Restart

Sometimes the bears (etc.) might stop spawning. This happened to me at the Quindecillion stage. You can exit the game and open it again and they should spawn once again.

Final Notes

You probably don’t have the achievement with 24 hour playtime yet. Just leave the game on and do something else (it doesn’t have to be focused). You can see playtime in the menu to the right.

The highest number you need to reach is the Googol (10 Duotrigintillion or 10^100). The game can’t handle values higher than a Googol (i.e. it won’t shift back to Tretrigintillion etc.).

Buy 10 doesn’t work past 624 (but you shouldn’t buy that much anyway)

When I made this guide, I was already in the bear/clover grind stage.

It is possible that you can use the bear method all the way. You still need buildings, ascensions etc. for achievements though.

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