Dawnlands – FPS More Stable Guide

A simple guide to make FPS more stable 59-60 FPS. Only work for high end VGA/CPU I think.

How to Make FPS More Stable

FPS More Stable

Right Click Dawnlands – Manage – Browse Local Files

  • Open: Dawnlands_Data
  • Open: boot.config

Open that file, and change the command inside to be like this.


Exit, save.

And then right click in Dawnlands, Properties

-window-mode exclusive -screen-fullscreen

Add this, and click close.

Open the game first

And open Task Manager.

Right click, on Dawnlands.

Go to Details, Set Priority High / Realtime.

Now In the game.

Press ALT + ENTER, to be in fullscreen.

And the FPS Will get better, around 59-60 Stable. sometimes drops, but it get better.

Notes: Well the command in boot config depend on your PC , if u have high End VGA/CPU it wil work.

Try it and have fun!

Pictures Example: Graphics Extreme, Resolution 4k

It works on my end.

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