Crystal Clash – Ultimate Deck and Card Mechanics Guide

Please note: all credit goes to Darkokoro!

A guide to everyone having problems with card mechanics or making a deck work.

Getting to Know Your Deck

The Units

For starters you should get to know your cards, every card is part of a legion and every legion has a different mechanic which will define how it’ll work in your deck. Let’s start with a little overview of the stats and each legion.

The Stats

Each unit has a stat namely defense, health and attack in addition to status effects that can be activated after certain conditions are met or are permanent. From the base stats the armor clases are the ones that make you receive less damage so you should always check the armor class of a unit to know where in the battlefield it belongs:

Armor Classes

  • Unarmored (as the class of the gargoyle): It has no damage reduction.
  • Light Armor: It has a 15% damage reduction (good for tanking some hits).
  • Medium Armor: It has 30% reduction from ranged sources and 20% from melee (This is the one you want for a unit wall).
  • Heavy Armor: It has a 30% reduction from all sources (Few units have it but it can tank a lot of hits in addition these units have more health than every other unit*).
  • Fortified Armor: They reduce damage more than any other unit** but they also receive 400% damage from siege units (These are mostly buildings and a legendary unit. Remember to deal with siege units to avoid a total destruction from these).

*These units are only from stage 3 and are mostly legendary units.
**The percentaje is not given by the game.

The Black Legion Spells

There are 7 spells available for the black legion, starting at stone tier qith frenzy and frost shock.

Stone Tier


This spell will buff one of your units, granting it the ability to negate every status ailment permanently*, in addition the unit will either absorb health from any atack it makes if it’s a melee unit or shoot an additional target if it’s a ranged unit for a short period of time.

Frenzy is an excellent spell that can help your unit surive in early game boosted if growth from the green legion is also used on the unit. It can also get you out of trouble if the enemy tries to stop your army by usin status ailments, just remember to use it on strong/tanky units as it’s only aplied at one unit.

Frost shock

This spell will freeze a unit and make several ice shards to the enemies nearby.

This spell can prove extremely usefull in early game as it can kill several low health units such as skelleton archers, archers and marksmen easily with few shards, it can also destroy footmen shields and let your ranged units kill them before they reach your army(it can also kill a single squad)**. Use it with caution on latter stages as the shards are divided between nearby targets.

One of the best uses of this spell is to freeze the towers so they can’t attack your units.


*This effect is removed if recycle from the blue legion is used or if it’s reborn by watchtower.
**Remember that the ice shards won’t hit the frozen target.

Copper Tier


This spell can be a nightmare since It’ll stop up to 12 units(it can be a lot depending on the rival deck) and let your units attack meanwhile. In addition 4 units from this legion deal extra damage to frozen units so with a good freeze build you can deal a lot of damage.

Silver Tier

Here comes the magic as there are 3 spells and they can be really usefull if used correctly.

Soul Maelstorm

This one removes up to 20 enemies from the battlefield meaning that they cannot be targeted by any means except for Tyrus, Lord of Souls, making this card extremely useful for stage 3 with a Tyrus focused deck. In addition it deals Damage Over Time(DOT) to every unit affected by banishing equal to 30% of their total health. In addition when used on a sappling it instead kills it.

Deep Freeze

This is a buff/debuff spell. If used on any of your units it’ll temporarily boost it’s defense making it have hard armor.

Shatter Ice

With this spell you can deal massive damage to every frozen unit in an area, it’ll destroy every non shielded and low health unit, plus it can deal damage to buildings meaning you can frost shock the tower or any other building and hit it with the spell(bonus points if there are frozen units surroinding it).

And lastly the buff->debuff spell

Void Miasma creates a domain* (a circle) where every unit that enters gets enchanted with grievous wounds*. One important effect that is usually not mentiones is that it reduces healing effects on the affected unit.

This enchantment makes every attack dealt to a unit inflict a charge of bleeding(deals 0.5% of the total health of the unit per charge up to 20 charges – 10% of the health per second) making it lethal on fast attacking units like crystal crescendo.

*The domain has 10 charges and is pretty big. It also reduces range for enemy ranged units.

Those are the spells, as you can see they revolve mostly around status ailments and so do the units so let’s start with them.

The Black Legion Units

This legion is mainly based around status effects, meaning it has a wide variety of cards that will weaken your enemies. In addition most cards will deal extra damage against enemies affected by certain status effects.

The units introduce a mechanic different form the spells: soul absorption. Some units are capable of acquiring souls of defeated untis and activate different effects, the souls work as charges so everything that gives charges to a unit gives them soul energy so have that in mind when building decks. Also remember: the soul absoptionwill trigger for the nearest unit from the source.

Take in mind that the units and spawner aren’t always from the same tier.

Stone Tier


This unit will be your best friend for early freeze. It’ll freeze any unit it attacks and explode in a wide area of freeze effect.

You can use this unit as a kamikaze to freeze any unit when they reach your zone, also as a ranged unit it’ll get double shot with frenzy.


This card will spawn 2 skeletons each capable of soul absorbing wich will let them a second life without cancelling their buffs.*

This one also comes with a damage bonus against frozen enemies dealing 200% damage and 150% to units with any other debuff.

Void Bane

This unit attacks in a wide area and will gain maximum health for every soul gathered, also it can give it to any ally unit that uses energy when dying.

This one is a pretty strong unit when buffed capable of surviving a lot of hits with support spells that gives them health or frenzy so it can heal a bit.

Copper Tier

Skeleton Archer

These 2 little brave undead deal the most heavy damage for stage 1 ranged units and come with grievous wounds from spawning so they can be your best friends for early damage dealer, also as they do not consume souls they can be a good source of souls for your units.

Pretty strong and gives you a good start for a status effect deck. They’re cheap and can create a swarm aiding your units deal more damage.

Soul Cauldron

This one is a kamikaze, it gains soul and then releases it against a building dealing 15×4(because it´s a siege unit) per soul up to 15 souls dealing effectively 15x15x4=900 damage to any building.

This unit proves specially efficient against building decks as the area of explosion is pretty big.

Take in mind that even if this unit proves extremely usefull for going against buildings it can be really expensive in terms of souls as it can hold 15 and won’t let any unit farther than the source gather soul. It can create a situation where you have little to no soul on your units.

Silver Tier


These 2 can and will be your demise if you don’t have a good way to deal with flying enemies. They deal 200% damage to frozen enemies an 150% to any other unit affected by a status ailment, meaning they can easily kill every non ranged unit with ease and more while frozen.

As they are flying melee units they have problems dealing with any ranged unit if not shielded either by spells or units, this makes almost necesary a way to freeze enemy units so they can reach them and deal extra damage in the process.


This one can prove the key unit for every freeze deck. It can use 6 energy (soul) to freeze one unit and also deal massive damage to the targeted unit and good splash damage to every unit in the AOE. As opposed of the previous soul gathering this unit generates it automatically every 3 seconds, meaning it cannot harvest soul from enemies (other sources are allowed)**.

** The combination of void bane with a swarming deck and a bunch of liches can easily decimate an army even tough it can prove hard to get a good swarm depending on your playstile and the enemy deck.

Gold Tier

Mirror Slime

This one does as it name says it mirrors every debuff onto itself and then mirror it to every enemy that attacks it, making it ideal for status ailments decks, also it’s very tanky plus the first time it’s affected by an ailment it gets 200 additional health.

This one works specially well with freeze decks but not with banishing ones as it cannot be attacked while banished if you missclick near it.

In addition a buff/status ailment pair of decks will prove it’s real value as a tank.

Tyrus, Lord of souls

As a legendary unit it can oly be summoned once of them per player at a time (it has recharge so don’t panick). This one is buffed by soul harvest giving it the ability to null an attack for every soul it has (and can have a lot). It can attack banished enemies and banishes near 2 units every 3 seconds and gains an additional soul per each one being it friend or foe. It also banishes every unit in a wide area when summoned and gains one soul per each one.**

Vecra, Monarch of Frost

As a legendary unit it can oly be summoned once of them per player at a time (it has recharge so don’t panick). This one starts fronez in the battlefield and when it looses 30% of health it awakens with a wide freeze burst wich will deal 1000 damage to every already frozen unit. It also absorbs 12 health points from every frozen enemy in a radius and it heals 6 per each one. In addition its attacks freeze hit units.**

* Legendary units are not affected by status ailments.

**Having a lot of units that absorb souls will make it less efficient as some unit can get the soul meanwhile other could get nothing. Keep this in mind while deck building. This can be specially bad when you want to summon Tyron but it dies too fast because it has not enough soul to shield it from attacks


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