Cursed Roots – 100% Full Achievement Guide

A complete guide to achievements.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Non-Hidden Achievements


  • Solve the bookshelf puzzle by pulling less than 10 books.
  1. De re publica – Marcus Tullius Cicero
  2. Famous Painters Vol.1 – Biography of Filipp’ Van Damn
  3. Gardening 101.

Can’t have any privacy in this house!

  • Get stabbed in the bathroom. Open the medicine cabinet behind the mirror WITHOUT locking the bathroom door beforehand.

Expert clockmaker

  • Solve the clock puzzle with less than 10 attempts. Set the clock hands to 6:35

Another one Bytes the dust

  • Get a Byte from the rat. Once you have the rat in your inventory, click on it several times.

Cursed Roots

  • Complete the game after finding the hidden note. Complete the game on ‘New Game +’

The incident

  • Complete New Game +


  • Find all notes

All note locations are as follows (you will get the first note automatically):

  1. In the umbrella stand.
  2. In the brown jacket.
  3. On the table in the living room (newspaper clipping).
  4. On the armchair.
  5. In the dining room (top left, on the floor).
  6. In a book in the uncle’s study.
  7. In the kitchen drawers.
  8. In the bathroom drawer.
  9. In between the jars on the shelf, next to hugo.
  10. In the toilet in the bathroom (the journal requires charcoal to see it.).
  11. On the table in the cellar near the aunt’s corpse.
  12. Under the bed in Hugo’s room.
  13. One of the notes you get from the typewriter after putting paper in it.
  14. By playing the game on ‘New Game +’ you will encounter the last note in the cellar, on the floor, near the aunt’s corpse.

Expert Electrician

  • Solve the wires puzzle within 2 minutes (This image is an approximation).

Hidden Achievements (Spoilers)

That’s not my aunt!

  • Survive the first encounter with auntie. When she stands up to attack you, grab the candle stick, then hit her with it. Leave the dining room and click the coat hanger to barricade the door.

The Unhuman Centipede

  • Get eaten by the Unhuman Centipede Just try to use any weapon on it, and it will kill you.

I told you I hate clowns!

  • Get stabbed by the clown in the dark room. Let the timer run out, and it will attack you.


  • Drained the drain monster You need both the drain cleaner and the plunger to get this one. The drain cleaner is behind the washing machine. The plunger is made by combining the broom (behind the washing machine) and the top of the plunger (The creepy doll is wearing it as a hat requires letter opener to obtain.).

Should I really go down there?

  • Open the trapdoor in the closet The code for the combination lock is 810498

He is just sleeping

  • Sedate the Unhuman Centipede combine the sedative with the uncle’s head and feed it to the unhuman centipede.

Master of DIY

  • Create a sock monkey Combine the lucky socks with the scissors, then combine the cut up socks with the sewing kit, then combine the monkey with the stuffing, then combine the monkey with the buttons, then combine the monkey with glue, then chop up the uncle’s hair piece with the scissors, then add the chopped hair to the decorative bowl, then add the monkey to the bowl.

Hugs from grandma

  • Get killed by grandma’s ghost. Enter the room before painting the glyph on the painting.

The end?

  • That was close! Complete the game.

It came from the toilet

  • Killed by the drain monster. Leave the bathroom, without draining the tub.

Complicated family

  • Get punched by Hugo Just keep trying to give him things in your inventory before you give him the sock monkey.

Puzzles master

  • Complete the game within 60 minutes It gets easier after playing it through the first time. You will probably spend the most time on the wire puzzle.

Hiding place

  • Hide under the bed When one of the enemies starts to chase you, go to the room you wake up in and click on the bed.

Who is this good boy? Who is this goo-aAAaAaaAAah!!

  • AAaaAaaAAaaAaAaArghh!!! Use the wrench on the garage door, and try to leave before you have everything needed to fix the car.
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