Warlord: Britannia – Legate Guide

Warm greetings, my fellow Legates.

Guide to Legate


After spending over 80 hours being obsessed with this game and conquering the island and it’s rather annoying inhabitants, I wanted to share the tips that lead me to victory in my campaign.

Beginning Game Tips

  • At the very start, it’s a good idea to focus on attacking convoys rather than territory. Sure, it won’t give you passive income right away, but it’ll build your wealth as you let your men gain experience while not having to worry about possible raiding parties.
  • Adopt a rotating schedule of the following; Territory attack, VIP convoy/Noble attack, wait a day (helps troops recover health, javelins and gives them that much better chance of living to day 10 to get the veteran armor upgrade). Raids against you won’t happen if you take your time, take territory one bit at a time and then kill VIPs and Nobles.

Mid/Late Game Tips

  • You only need 1,100 silver per day to maintain a full legion, 325 gold per day for that achievement, 150 civilians killed for that achievement and 150 slaves for that achievement. Once you have the achievements for taking taxation, slaves and killing civilians, you can speed up the conquering process by taking multiple territories in a row without asking for anything once you’ve won. If you take a settlement but don’t take anything, the local and global unrest will stay at zero (and by that point, you’ll have enough passive currency to not even need any more to keep your forces in the best shape possible)
  • Sneak attack! The farther north you go, the more numerous the heavily armored enemies there will be in villages and convoys (not to mention the final 4 hill forts). Planning your expansion via sneak attacking will mean the difference between losing 0-4 troops to 5-12 troops.

Base Tips

  • Normally, you would think that placing your base equal distance between the most targets will help you tackle them all faster. And while there is some merit to that thinking, it’s actually much better to build along the coast line as you make your way north. Since soldiers on guard duty tend to roam outside the walls, its best to place as many guard and patrol posts within the walls as possible. That, combined with the newly added gate doors and watch towers, will ensure that everyone stays within the walls and protected, should any convoy happen to come by. If you build along the coast, you have very little chance of ever having to deal with passing convoys.
  • Only have 1 entrance/exit. I’ve seen a few screenshots of bases with multiple entrances. While it may look pleasing to the eye, you’re asking for trouble if a raiding party comes. Bottleneck the enemy as much as possible.

Misc. Tips

  • Early and mid-game, it’s actually easier to go take farms and way stations by yourself. If you lure the enemies out of the area, use your bow and javelins, then slowly pick them off as they turn around to run back home, you can win single handedly in less than an in-game day. (not to mention, it’s another way of giving your troops more in-game days of service to allow them to advance).
  • On top of trying to plan your late game attacks for sneak attacks, ensure that the sneak attack happens just after a convoy forms and leaves the area. If you happen to sneak attack a village and a convoy spawns there half way through the fight, the convoy will essentially get the same sneak bonus that you get, meaning you’ll lose 40-50 men in the assault (it’s happened to me 3 times, even with a fully veteran legion, trust me. it ♥♥ blows big time).
  • Save scum. It might be obvious to a lot of players, but just in case it isn’t; save scum lol if your attack goes really poorly (please see prior comment about convoys spawning on you) jus reload the save. its faster to redo your march across the island in 8 minutes than it is to replenish a large portion of your forces.

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