Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals – How to Play Info-Chan

How to be successful with Info-Chan in Dark Deception: Monsters and Mortals.

Info-Chan Guide


We are yet again back with the last of the Yandere Simulator DLC-themed guides in the How To: series! This will likely be the final guide for a little while until the Poppy Playtime DLC comes out and gives us Kissy Missy, so we’ll be going back to hiatus once we have covered this last character. Having done Ayano, Hanako, and Senpai, now it is time to cover the final member of the DLC, this one being Info-Chan!

To my knowledge, Info-Chan acts as a supporting character in Yandere Simulator by helping Ayano get information on the girls she is planning to kill before the deadline hits. She also provides Ayano supplies to preform her murders with in exchange for…pictures of women’s underwear? Yeah, Yandere Simulator’s a weird game. Thankfully I can stop talking about it, because that’s all I know about Info-Chan in the game! Let’s not extend the overview further than it needs to be, and instead let’s head on in and discuss Info-Chan’s role in Dark Deception: Monsters and Mortals.

Background Info

Info-Chan is, unsurprisingly, a Support Class Mortal in the game. Literally everyone saw this coming the moment she was announced. Being a Support Mortal, Info-Chan has below average damage in exchange for having above average health and speed, as well as the ability to heal other players of the same team by using heavy attacks on them. These heavy attacks will restore 5 hp to the teammate, and deal the usual 20 damage if used on opponents instead. Over time, the healing can stack up and allow team member to survive a lot longer, especially if used during combat. This takes skill to pull off, however, as it is much easier to just abuse the Support class stats, which is what 90% of players do. In regards to Info-Chan’s unique strengths, her higher speed and health allows her to collect shards quicker, outrun most monsters by default, and can take quite a beating before going down. Her hitboxes on both her light and heavy attack are also very nice as well, letting her fight pretty well on her own if she needs to. Now that I’m thinking about it, pretty much all the YanSim DLC characters are eating great in regards to combat. These traits combined allow Info-Chan to be a supportive member of the team who can also help defend others and herself against threats very well, especially if defensive and offensive play are properly micromanaged and mastered.

Info-Chan is without weaknesses, however. Her below average damage output means that killing players can get drawn out if both of them are playing patiently, which can dig into time she can spend otherwise supporting her team or getting shards. Her healing heavy is a fantastic tool, but much like the other Support Classes that share this trait with her, the healing process requires commitment since it’s only 5 hp per hit, meaning that healing can take a while, especially when in combat and the one being healed is being hit repeatedly. Finally, her most prominent weakness is that her Ultimate Ability can work against her since it affects all players in the match rather than herself and her teammates, making her more high risk, high reward than the other Support Mortals currently.

Ultimate: Meme Review

Info-Chan’s Ultimate Ability is called clap clap Meme Review!

When Meme Review is activated, Info-Chan provides 50 hp of healing to all players in the match, as well as a 20% speed and damage buff for 10 seconds. This allows Info-Chan to increase her own damage output tremendously, as the 4 extra damage with her heavy attack while this is active can add up very quickly. This also does not take into account that the entire team will be stronger as well, as they also receive this damage and speed increase, allowing offense to thrive under these conditions. The free 50 health restoration is also very nice and can help Info-Chan and her team to take hits better, although not to extremes that Bierce can with Helping Hand. Essentially this ultimate functions like Seal of Metatron, but focuses more on offense rather than defense plus a small health restoration for everyone.

See the key word at the end of that paragraph? This is Meme Review’s biggest weakness; it affects everyone. This includes Monsters in Maze Escape and other Mortals in Soul Collection, meaning they get the damage, speed, and health gains as well. This relegates Meme Review to being a high risk, high reward Ult, as this Ult can help you just as much as help whoever you’re fighting. Proper use of this Ultimate has the potential to seriously help the match progress, but it can also screw you over faster if you’re not careful. Overall, this is a decent Ult that has a learning curve to it thanks to its effects affecting everyone in the match, but can yield great results when properly used.

Maze Escape

Thanks to this mode being the team game, Info-Chan is arguably stronger here than in Soul Collection due to there being more Mortals than Monsters in the mode, this making Meme Review a net positive for the team. Compared to other Support Mortals in the mode, she is basically offensive Heather, as she is still a very good healer for the team as well as a good fighter and shard collector while having a more offensively beneficial Ult for people to take advantage of. However, unlike Heather, who teammates don’t have to fight to get use out of Seal of Metatron, Meme Review can fall flat in the offensive department if no one wants to fight the Monsters and instead only use the speed increase to get shards better. This can make Info-Chan more player-reliant than the other Supports to get the most out of Meme Review, and can also lead to Monsters taking better advantage of Meme Review than Info-Chan’s team. Regardless of her faults in the mode, she is still a great choice for supporting, especially if the Mortal team is willing to fight their way out of situations.

Info-Chan being an offensively inclined Support Mortal means she enjoys maps that are good for fighting and can allow her to heal up her team the best. Akademi Assault is a great map for Info-Chan since the Police and Fun Girl are not threatening, providing her with the best chances for her team to stay topped off. Monstrum Madness is chaotic, but also a good map since PvP happens in all areas of the map, allowing her to help teammates anywhere she goes while contributing to the shard count. Stranger Sewers and Silent Sacrifice are linear and have a lot of breathing room for fighting, and she is fast, allowing her to catch up to her teammates easier for healing and in Silent Sacrifice case, she is very important for healing off Air Screamer and Pyramid Head damage. Elementary Evil and Monkey Business are decent maps, but the trap times on both maps can be problematic thanks to rng and can get in the way at times. Crazy Carnevil is also a decent map for the same reasons as Sewers except the breathing room part, but the threat of Clown Spiders can ruin her healing attempts on others. Finally, Deadly Decadence, while not the worst map, tends to have Titan Watcher ruining everyone’s fun and is one of the most Monster-sided maps in the game, making Meme Review the least likely to be beneficial here.

PvP Matchups

  • Performs Well Against: Murder Monkey, Penny, Clown Gremlin, Nurse, Robbie
  • Performs Decent Against: Dread Ducky, Gold Watcher, Hangry, Brute, Fiend
  • Performs Poorly Against: Agatha, Reaper Nurse, Lucky, Malak, Ayano

Many of Info-Chan’s matchups are good, but some become really bad when Meme Review is active. For example, Lucky and Reaper Nurse are already very dangerous with their Ults, but they become unreal in the damage department once they get their attacks buffed even further. Malak doesn’t even need Meme Review to shoot the red laser at her and kill her instantly, same with Ayano. The Speed Monsters tend to feast on the Support classes due to having more speed than them, but Fiend is the least affected by Meme Review, as Agatha and the aforementioned Reaper Nurse get their Ult damage buffed further, letting them kill Info-Chan sooner. Without Meme Review affecting them or you’re good at dodging, many of these are more manageable, however.

Soul Collection

It is historically known that Support Classes tend to dominate this gamemode, and having a Support class that can buff her speed and damage can make her a lot scarier to fight against. Info-Chan in Soul Collection can be an absolute menace if she is skilled enough, as self healing is very strong in the mode as the meta ruler, Bierce, kindly points out. This in tandem with her 20% attack and speed buffs under Meme Review can make her very dangerous to face if she is a good fighter. However, this relies on her being a good fighter, as Meme Review will buff everyone else and the Monkies as well, making it risky to use if she is in a bad position, as one bad move during the Ult’s duration can put her into an even worse spot. As for how she compares to the other Supports, she is absolutely superior to Dawko, but not as good as Bierce thanks to Bierce doubling her health and not giving anyone else anything. Where she stands in comparison to Heather can be a subject of debate, both with their pros and cons. However, this is a topic for another day, because at the end of the day, Info-Chan is a Support Mortal, which means she is a meta character in Soul Collection due to how strong support stats are

Maps remain unchanged.

PvP Matchups

  • Performs Well Against: Doug, PenPen, Nikson, Cybil, SuperHorrorBro
  • Performs Decently Against: Hanako, Info-Chan (herself), Dawko, Evans
  • Performs Poorly Against: Senpai, Bierce, Heather, Vince, Borisov, 8-BitRyan

Info-Chan’s matchups are not nearly as good as they are in Soul Collection thanks to the plethora of defensive ults in the game on the Mortals’ side. Senpai can disable her attacks and deal damage to her unopposed, Heather can buff her defenses and make herself even faster, VInce can activate a reflector, Borisov can Cool Down and still keep up with her in Meme Review thanks to his own speed getting buffed, 8-BitRyan can do the usual, and as for Bierce…imagine giving the character that can fully restore her health multiple times a 20% attack and speed buff.

Ultimately most of the bad matchups can be flipped if the Info-Chan is good at avoiding attacks and properly using Meme Review so she gets the most benefit from it, but the opponent having their Ult ready as well can make it painful for Info-Chan.


Info-Chan is a fun addition to the game and is a fun change of pace for the Support Mortals, as all of them prior to Info-Chan have been defensively minded. While she can also play well on the defensive side of things, she is much more offensive than the rest thanks to her Ult being designed for offensive pressure. However, she needs to time it right for herself (and her teammates if it’s Maze Escape) to get the most benefit out of it and to minimize how much the opponents can abuse with it. This results in Info-Chan having the highest skill ceiling of the Supports if chosen to play offensively, but it’s still an offensive support we’re talking about, they’re not hard to use with that playstyle. The true skill of Support Mortals comes in juggling healing others and playing the game, so Info-Chan may be the highest skill-dependent Support so far all things considered.

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