Darza’s Dominion – Intermediate Guide (After Level 20)

An intermediate guide for players who have reached level 20 and need to know “what next?”.

Whats Next Guide

For Whom Is This?

Everyone who just completed the basics, aka getting to level 20, and wants to know how to get stronger.

It is also helpful for anyone that came over from ROTMG, like me.

Who am I, and why do I make this?

I played ROTMG in the past – starting half a year before the “Amulet of Resurrection” (aka “ammy”) were basically removed, and ending around a year after the “Shatters” release.

I was never a “top dog”. I only got a white star because I wanted to. My 8/8 warrior with juggernaut helmet and demon blade still lives to this day, though my favorite – and who had the most fame – was an archer with an coral bow.

I got aware of Darza and decided to check it out. After dying twice (mage first to the reaper, archer second to an godlands raven), and now with an 2/8 mage, I decided to start a guide, especially since the wiki is outdated.

I have, and always will be, a careful gamer. This reflects in my guide. If you are an XXXhaxorXXX elitest 900% blindfold rusher mastah “gamer”, this guide is not for you.

So I’m Level 20, Now What?

After getting to max level, the progress of your stats depend on two factors.

  • Better equipment

The highest you can get from the godlands is T7 weapons / armor and an T4 ability. Any godland enemy can drop any of those.

I also recommend finding either defense or health rings. Defense is great for leveling a character to level 20, while health gets more important the later you get / the higher your defense goes, since defense has a hard cap ( at least 20% of enemy damage ) and defense piercing / breaking attacks are to common to rely on defense.

I recommend getting a spare of each into your vault for future characters.

There are also equipment boxes, of which there is a set of basic and advanced. You get them by trading 10 shards (tough hide, armor plating) to lee. Reminder that you can trade with NPC’s by clicking the purple mage icon next to your mana / personal stats. They have to a chance to give you T7, T8 or T9 with decreasing chances.

  • Increasing your stats via gems

For gems, you have one for each of the 8 stats.

Health and mana are (currently) beyond the scope of this guide, since they come from advanced or endgame bosses.

All the other gems have an small chance to drop (about 5%) from godland enemies. Each godland enemy has a specific gem drop associated to them. For example, the beetles in the southlands only drop defense gems.

Also some – not all – godland enemies can drop an specifc intermediate dungeon. For example, the Ivory Spider can drop the infested cellar dungeon, but no others.

  • Max equipment, max stats, and special items

The max equipment level is T10, which only drops from darza himself.

The advanced dungeons, events, and equipment crates, can drop T8 ot T9.

There are special drops of unique equipment, which drop in white chests – the equivalent of ROTMG white bags.

Alternatively, some of these can be gotten with “essences”. Essences may be gotten from certain bosses, and are not items. You manage them in the tavern (upper left from spawn). You need to set (up to 3) essences before you can gather more. Once you have enough, you can trade them for specifc items, which is also done in the same location.

This section will be expanded once I get my hands on those.

Specific Basic Gem Drops

This section is for quick reference on what gem to get from where. Sorted by dungeons, and then godland enemies, and where to find the specific gods. Take note that the godlands are divided by north, south, west and east. Some gods are found in multple sections of the godlands.

Note: Event bosses seem to drop all basic gems. Same goes for void bosses.

Note 2: “basic” gems are all non-health and mana.

This section is highly incomplete.

For all dungeons, if you solo them, you have an 100% to get the gem specific to that dungeon.


  • River maze
  • Rock dudes (south)


  • Hell
  • Fire genies (south)


  • Infested cellar
  • Bulls (south, east?)


  • No dungeon
  • Beetles (south), Bears (north, east), Ivory Spiders (north, south)


  • Marsh, fairy grounds
  • Penguins (north)


  • Frozen
  • No gods?

Enemies that still need to be sorted

  • Wyrms (east), Anteater (west), Scorpion (west), Wolves (north), Ice giant (north).

Godland Enemies and How to Deal with Them

This section will take a closer look at each godland enemies, their shot pattern, their AI, etc.

General tips: use off-focus to see further. Use the minimap to see (most) enemies before they see you.

  • Note: No godland enemy (mostly sure) has defense ignoring shots (purple numbers).
  • Note 2: Damage is PER shot.
  • Note 3: “Radiant shot” refers to a 360° shot, normaly of short range.

Bears (north, west):


Will stand in place until you get into medium range, then rush at you medium speed. Rush again after a few seconds.


  • Purple wave, extremely short range, medium speed, unknown damage.
  • Red/black dagger, mage range, high speed, ~90 damage.


  • Stomp : radiant, purple wave
  • Tripple Shot : shot at you, red/black dagger, 3 shots, ~20°


Learn when they will shoot, then move a little to the side. I never got hit by the “stomp”, nor do I want to.


Armor, dungeon?


They were nerfed while writing this guide, were considered the worst god because of the fast speed of their primary shot and rushing.

Beetles (south only):


Will stand in place for the most part, but if you get to close, they might rush in.


  • Light Blue wave, very long range, slow speed, ~80 damage, SLOW


  • “Artillery”: shot at you in 5 spread
  • “close range”: shot radially, 6 shots


  • They love to shoot their slow (and slowing!) wave shots from afar, dealing ~80 damage.
  • Alone they are not hard to deal with, but in groups they can truly create bullet hell.
  • They DO charge if you get close enough and they have a close range variation of their wave shot, but relatively harmless in comparsion to others.


  • Armor

Ivory Spiders (north, south):


Move towards you constantly at decent speed.


  • light white shot, medium range, decent speed, ~50 damage
  • spiral white shot, medium range, middeling speed, ARMOR BREAK


  • “Webbing…”: Dense spread, several shots, directed at you
  • “…and breaking”: shot on where you will be, single


My personal “be weary of these guys” enemy of the godlands. Their light white shots are just the cover for the dangerous armor break shot. Maybe the most dangerous for melee. When in doubt, nexus!


Armor, Cellar

Wolves (north only):


Very aggresive rushing, basically never stops.


  • grey
  • dark red


  • “random shooting”: Seemingly random, no pattern ? Spreads of 3-5 of the above shots.


Constantly back off while shooting at them, take care not to have mobs where you back off to!

Angry Bulls (south, west):


These guys are highly aggressive, seeing you before you even see their blip on the minimap! They rush quite aggresively, but do not have the same aggresion as wolves – they stop every now and then.


  • black star, medium range, decent speed, ~70 damage
  • dark red blob, medium range, decent speed ~80 damage


  • “directed aggresion”: shoot their dark red blobs towards you, they seem to shoot one directly at you, then two more in quick succesion slightly left and then right of you – needs further testing. Afterwards, a spread of ~5 black stars.


Even more aggresive then wolves at first – watch the minimap! Afterwards they are annoying, but doable. Just don’t get overwhelmed.

Rock/Magma Dudes (south only):


Stand still, until you damage them (needs testing with shorter range classes). Then they rush in.


  • flame lance, either short (radiant) or decent (long) range, fast speed, ~100 damage


  • “radiant”: all the time, about 8 shots?
  • “deadly V”: shot at you, 2 shots in V pattern.


If move at them perfectly linear, their shots will not hit you. Back off after they rush in, should be defeated in short order. Still, don’t get hit by them to often!

Anteater (west only):


Constantly move towards you


  • green star
  • other green star?


  • “wide radiant”: all the time, wide range
  • “annoying tri shot”: shot at you, 3 shots with a small arc


For me very annoying enemies since the shots can barely be seen.

Thick tailed scorpion (west only):


Slowly move towards you


  • barbed, decent speed and range, bleed


  • “bleed stinger”: shot at you 3 shots in a line


Constantly moving around them left/right is the best idea, that stinger hurts, thanks to the bleed.

Sill needed: raven, wyrm, worm, ice giant.

Dungeon Guide Section 1: Overview and Tips

This section gives general tips on how to deal with the intermediate dungeons.

  1. This assumes a fresh character with no help. That means this guide assumes that you can not rush. May it because of defense, speed, ability or otherwise.
  2. Since we assume a fresh character, it is highly recommended to play Mage because of the range from your weapon or skill. This also helps with getting soulbound loot on both dungeon bosses or events when with multiple players (fyi, “soulbound loot” refers to the fact that you need a minimum amount of damage to be elegible for anything to drop, but it does not mean it will drop something.)
  3. It is recommended to have healing potions on you at all times. Four is a good idea. When in doubt, use them! No potions and dying is better then full on potions and dying. Remember that there is a quick key!
  4. If you don’t want to solo, you call for others by calling the name in chat. Wait a bit!
  5. When playing with others, know when to switch visibility! Especially on anything past intermediate dungeons you will flat out not see the boss attacks.

“Intermediate” Dungeon refers to all dungeons that drop in godlands:

  • River
  • Infested cellar
  • Frost
  • Hell
  • Marsh

The dungeons are ordered, depending on both their importance and difficulty.

Each dungeon has the following sections:

  • overview
  • dungeon hazards and rooms (everything that is not basic enemy / boss
  • basic enemies (what they do, important if no one is rushing)
  • boss
  • teleport behaviour (when to teleport when you are with other players when someone is rushing)

Dungeon Guide Section 2: River Labyrinth


The dungeon is easy (if maybe annoying), the boss is tanky, but doable, even for starters, and getting attack gems is very important.

Dungeon layout

The rooms are all the same, with slowing water and some pieces of land in the corners. Connected to some sides, you will need to transverse ~5 rooms.


There are four enemies. The fishes are everywhere, and each room has one of the others. Beware of crocs hiding behind trees !

  1. Fishes

They come in swarms (or should I say schools?), but they are easy, especially if your defense is maxed, then you can almost ignore them, since their damage per shot is only 45. They shoot in a V pattern, so if you stand still, they will never hit you. However, they will rush in once you get to close. Overall, just take your time taking them out while you have no defense, and (mostly) ignore them when your defense is maxed.

  1. Archer mermaid

They stand in the middle of the room, never moving, and shoot two streams of arrows counterclockwise, dealing 80 damage. They have good range, but are overall easy, just dont get hit to much if your defense is unmaxed. Oh, but take note that if you get to close they do have a directed attack dealing 60 damage.

  1. Water Knight

Blue dudes that stand in the middle of the room and have two shots: one that switches between going into every cardinal direction, then every diagonal direction, with 60 damage, and a V shot directed at you, with 80 damage. Deal more damage then fishes, and they move towards you when you get closer, but overall easy.

  1. Mutant Crocs

Green Monsters who are the only real danger of the dungeon. Reason being they have a tight tripple shot that deals 120 damage. With the greatest danger being that they could hide behind trees.

Take them out with care.


Take note that the boss is he himself and his tailsections, which are invulnerable.

  • Shots

His basic shot is a small red lightning that deals ~15 damage and inflicts weak.
Reminder, weak reduces your strength to 0 temporarily.
The tailsections also use that shot during the entire fight, but it deals ~40 damage and is larger. Still with weak.

White star which deals ~70 damage and slows. Avoid it!

Purple chunky shot, which deals 40 damage, ignoring defense.

Light blue wave. ~120 damage per shot. Unless you are maxed defense melee, avoid!

Two grenades. One larger one and a smaller one that also slows. ~60 damage. You should try and avoid the slowing one.

  • Phases

He gains armored in the room split phase and the charge phase.

First of all, when you get to the boss, back off ! He immediatly starts his first phase, which he only does once.
I call it the “woke up with the wrong foot” phase, he is erraticly moving and is pretty aggresive, but the phase end after 10 seconds or so and never comes back.

Afterwards, he will have 3 phases which he switches randomly, but they are always different (aka no phase is done twice in a row).

Charge phase

He moves towards the closest player, shooting white stars and red lightning. Avoid the white stars and back off if he charges towards you. Everyone else, beware that he shoots waves and purple shot behind him.

Split room

He moves to the middle of the room and shoots light blue shots in every cardinal direction. Don’t stand there! he will shoot grenades into the middle of each quadrant, so there is a small window on each side of the shot grenade where you can go in and shoot the boss. However, he will still shoot his red shots to weaken you.


  • He will shoot three streams of purple shoots counterclockwise, and you are supposed to travel with them. He will also shoot his red lightning both targeted and in a ring formation, but with few shots.
  • Finally, small slowing grenades will be launched on where you are (or closest player). These grenades seem to be also launched in a mirrored pattern on the opposite the room.
  • All of this is a trap if you dont have maxed defense or speed.
  • If you start at the entrance, the phase will end when you are at about the opposite side of the room – if he then switches into his charge phase, you could get trapped!
  • So, just stay at the entrance, eat a shot from the purple ones once or twices instead. Just dont get caught in the grenade fire!


If you look closely, you can actually see the next phase just as the last one is about to end – if he moves erratically, then the next phase is going to be a chase phase.

Try to stay close to the entrance, especially with low defense and speed – so you can back off when the charge phase starts.

  • Overall

Overall, pretty tanky intermediate boss, especially while you are weak. Don’t lose patience! The dungeon gets much easier once your defense and speed are maxed, so you can easily farm attack.

  • Special loot

A big beefy axe, slow though.

Recommended teleport behaviour

When with others, and they rush, be careful when teleporting! The boss is immediatly active and is immediatly in its most dangerous phase. Teleporting in just before the boss is relatively save… unless a croc is in the last room.

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