Dawn of Ages: Medieval Games – Gameplay FAQ (Combat, Perks and Tips)

Gameplay FAQ

What do I get from upgrading the Market?

Upon completing the upgrade, you’ll be granted coins.

How do you open wooden chests?

They open automatically when received. They grant items of the current epoch.

How can I switch my commander?

It’s not possible yet, but is planned for the future. If you would like to start a new account to test them out, we can reset your account manually for you.

Will there be clans?

Yes, it is planned to add them in a future update. We will let you know about the progress regarding this topic soon.

How/When can I craft Shields, Armor, Tools, and Garments?

You need to upgrade your Forge to level 5 to craft Tools and Garments and level 10 for Shields and Armor.

What is the difference between normal and slow crafting (unlocked with Forge level 21)?

Slow crafting costs no coins, but it takes longer and won’t produce legendry items.

I have finished the campaign, what should I do now?

More campaign missions will be added with future updates. Until then, you can play PVP and daily missions or challenge the Legendary Battle Bosses which will grant additional rewards. Upgrading your city and equipment as high as possible will also prepare you for the challenges ahead.

Useful Info & Tips

Starter Tips:

  • Have a mix of melee & ranged (usually half half is a good starting point).
  • Have a balanced mix of attack types: Blunt/Thrust/Slash.
  • Have a balanced mix of armour types: Heavy/Medium/Light.
  • Choose Tacticards that compliment your set-up.


  • Put at least one Heavy armour melee troop at the front (make sure this is targeted first) to counter the first few volleys of arrows from the enemy.
  • Spread troops wide if you face grenades often.

Villager Resource Equipment & Attributes Explained

  • Lumberjack Axe and Peasants Garments for the Lumberjack.
  • Hammer and Chisel with Workmans Gear for the Quarry.
  • Pick Axe and Workmans Gear for the Mines.
  • Hunting horn with Peasants Garments for the Hunters Hut.
  • Plumb Bob with Workmans Gear for the Workshop.
  • Scythe and Peasants Garments for the farms.
  • Blacksmith Hammer and Workmans Gear for the Forge.

Attribute Points and Which Scrolls to Use

Every villager has 5 attributes that can be trained:


  • Effects your villager’s health as well as the grain, wood, and iron production.
    • Green scrolls are needed to upgrade this stat.


  • Effects your villager’s evasion as well as the grain, wood and iron production.
    • Purple scrolls are needed to upgrade this stat.


  • Effects your villager’s precision as well as smithing, stone and hide production.
    • Red scrolls are needed to upgrade this stat.


  • Effects your villager’s crit chance as well as smithing and iron production.
    • Blue scrolls are needed to upgrade this stat.


  • Effects your villager’s resistance as well as wood and iron production.
    • Yellow scrolls are needed to upgrade this stat.

Stat Formulas

Crit Probability = Critchance(Your) / (Critchance(Your) + Resistance (Of Enemy))
Hitchance = Precision / (Precision(Your) + Evasion(Enemy))

Resistance decreases chance to be hit critically, and many perks activate on crit, so it also helps to defend against them:

Crit Probability = Critchance / (Critchance + Resistance (Of Enemy))

E.G. your critchance 80, target resistance 120 => 80 / 200 = 40%.

Damage Counters

Accessible in-game from the yard (and also before a battle in the bottom right corner).

Magnifying Glass

This is a resource that is needed for high tier research (level 4-5). Their current source is from Heroic Chapter 3 battles or events. Otherwise they cost 400 gems in the shop.

This top right corner of each research shows its max level. Currently ‘Steel’ is the only research option that doesn’t max out at level 5. As it simply unlocks a workshop option, so only one level is required.

Max Building Levels

Current max level of all Buildings in the game.

New Tool: Pitsaw

  • A new tool to increase your wood production: Pitsaw! This tool has 20% higher wood production than Axe.
  • Pitsaw requires following attributes:
    • 1 more Strength than Axe
    • Starting with lvl 4.0, requires Dexterity to be equipped

Equipment Perk List

Item Perk

  • Calibration: Every hit has a 50% chance to increase Precision by 40% for 2.5 seconds. 3s cooldown.
  • Armor Breaking: A critical hit has a 40% chance to reduce the armor of the target by -14%. Stacking.
  • Stun: A critical hit has a 50% chance to stun the target for 2 seconds. This also reduces Evasion by 100%. 5s cooldown.
  • Bodkin Point: Armor Piercing +15%, but Turn Speed decreased by -50%
  • Bleeding: A critical hit has a 30% chance to cause bleeding which deals 15% damage every second for 10 seconds.
  • Counter Attack: 25% chance to increase the damage by 30% for 1.1 seconds after receiving damage. 3s cooldown.
  • Tanky: 25% chance to increase armor by 30% for 1.1 seconds after receiving damage. 3s cooldown.
  • Integrity: +10% damage as long as the unit has full health.
  • Berserk: 40% chance to increase the attack speed by 20% for 5 seconds after killing a target. 5s cooldown.
  • Adrenaline Rush: 50% chance to increase the reistance by 50 for 5 sseconds after killing a target. 5s cooldown.
  • Heavy: Resistance increased by 30%, but Attack Speed reduced by -10%
  • Dash: Charge Damage increased by 50% (deals up to 50% more damage if attacking right after moving)
  • Interference: A hit has 35% chance to reduce the target’s movement speed by -50% and attack speed by -50% for 0.9 seconds. 2s Cooldown.
  • Concussion: 60% chance to reduce the enemy’s move speed and precision for 2.5s

Bonus Perks: Weapons

  • Devastating: Critical Damage increased by 20%
  • Swift: Attack Speed increased by 5% and Evasion increased by 10%
  • Lucky Strike: Critical Hit Chance increased by 20%

Bonus Perks: Shields

  • Turtle: Getting hit has a 20% chance to increase armor by 25% and decrease movement speed by -20% for 4 seconds. 5s cooldown

Bonus Perks: Body Armor

  • Guarded: Slash Armor increased by 20%
  • Fortified: Thrust Armor increased by 20%
  • Soft Cover: Blunt Armor increased by 20%
  • Resistant: Resistance increased by 20%
  • Versatile: Range increased by 8% and Precision increased by 10%

I appreciate your time and hope this little tutorial was helpful.

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