Age of Empires Mobile – Guide to Island Tactics Mode

In this mode, you’ll use your strategies and wisdom to lead your troop and engage in fierce battles on various islands. Here are the rules…

Island Tactics Introduction

Before Battle:

  • Lineup: Select heroes to build up an indefectible lineup. Consider their skills and attributes to maximize their power.
  • Positioning: The battlefield is like a chessboard, and positioning is like placing chess pieces. A well-thought positioning is the key to victory.
  • Analyze the specialized skills and special mechanisms of enemy units and crack them by flexible positioning to resolve the crisis. Through reasonable positioning, your troop can absorb damage or defeat strong enemies one by one. Different unit types counter each other, so a reasonable positioning maximizes their advantages and significantly strengthens your troop.
  • Skill selection: Every elite enemy hero has unique skills. Select appropriate skills to turn the table and seize the initiative. Select your skill cards to boost your troop.

During Battle:

  • Auto battle: Once the battle begins, your troop will automatically attack and activate skills. Observe the battlefield situation in real time and use skill cards to turn the tide at any moment.
  • Elite enemy heroes: On some islands, there are powerful elite enemy heroes with special skills that can pose a great threat to your troop. Pay attention to their specialties and apply counter strategies.
  • Skill cards: Use the skill cards to change the battlefield situation. Use buff cards to increase your troop’s attributes, and specific cards to defeat powerful elite enemy heroes. Use them wisely to make your troop invincible.


  • Defeat all enemy troops to win the battle. After victory, you can land on the next island to start a new battle.


  • If your troop is defeated or fails to defeat enemies within the required time, you’ll fail the battle. Please adjust your strategies to re-challenge.

Collection of Recommended Lineups

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