Day of Defeat: Source – How to Use Every Weapon/Class Effectively for Beginners

I saw some of the guides trying to give people a basic overview of each class, weapon, and how to use them, and I had a stroke at how little detail and depth the existing guides went into about how to actually effectively use each class/weapon. God forbid if you’re a new to this game you’re going to be going up against scores of mostly middle-aged men who have been playing this game long enough to equal atleast half your age. This guide will give you the run down on everything you actually need to know to not want to take a bath with a toaster after buying this game.

Guide to Use Every Weapon and Class Effectively


  • The Allied Rifleman has a M1 Garand, 1911, melee, and two rifle grenades.
  • The Axis Rifleman has a Kar98K, melee, and also two rifle grenades.

Right click to zoom and use iron sights, this also turns the riflemen’s accuracy from near-perfect to perfect.

Unless you are extremely bad at aiming the Kar98K is pretty much a direct upgrade in the vast majority of circumstances. It is bolt action compared to the M1 Garand’s semiauto. It is a direct upgrade because you can one-hit kill people on bodyshots. In medium to long-range encounters, the Kar98K reigns supreme because in the vast majority of circumstances, the Kar98K user can one-tap you while the M1 Garand user will just hit you for most of you health. The M1 Garand, when coming up against a Kar98K does have a slight advantage in close quarters. Your reaction time is much more important in close quarters, when your enemy is right up in front of you. This reduces hit probability, allowing the M1 Garand to spam out more bullets faster and usually reign supreme, unless the Kar98K user is cracked then he will just one tap you. My best plays in this game was when holding a point with a Kar98K at medium range.

Unless the server has a plugin, the Axis Rifleman will not spawn with a secondary ranged weapon. The secondary weapons of the riflemen may be advantageous when coming up against other riflemen in close quarters, as you can spam them more frequently and kill your enemy faster. If you come across an assault, support, rocket, or machinegun class in close quarters and you miss your rifleshots however it’s already over for you.

The majority of time rifle grenades are used, they’re shot on the floor and picked up to be thrown instead of actually being directly shot at your target. If your standing still, you can shoot your rifle grenade on the floor immediately in front of you and immediately press E to pick it up. You can do the same thing while moving by shooting it a small distance ahead of you. The reason people do this is to cook them; if you just shoot them, unless it’s across the map, in the vast majority of circumstances, the person you’re shooting them at will see the grenade and either run away or pick it up and throw it back. When you cook them, and successfully approximate the grenade’s airtime, the target will have no time to react and be blown up. The range of throwing a shot rifle grenade is shorter than a normal grenade, this method is however more effective than shooting your rifle grenade in medium to short range circumstances. Cooking a grenade correctly takes practice, but not much before you can do it effectively.

Maybe your target is long range, in this case, shoot the rifle grenade either at the skybox, in a trajectory where it will ricochet off the skybox and land behind your target, or above and at the wall behind your target if they are close enough to a wall. This action significantly reduces the probability of your target noticing the grenade and increases the time it’s been airborne before it’s actually in the proximity of your target, reducing the amount of time they have to react.


  • The Allied Assault class has a Thompson, 1911, smoke, and frag grenade.
  • The Axis Assault class has a MP40, Walther pistol, smoke, and frag grenade.

Both primaries have an alternative fire (right click) to punch, this is their melee attack.

The differences between the Thompson and MP40 are pretty negligible. The only significant difference is that the Thompson has a slightly higher RPM, slightly increasing it’s hit probability; so if you are Axis Assault and see a Thompson on the ground you may as well pick it up (press G to drop your currently equipped weapon).

The Assault class is your close-quarters room-clearer class. Support is just as good for this role, but Assault is better for new players because the recoil of both team’s support weapons are difficult to manage.

Just because you have the choice between two of the least accurate primaries in the game doesn’t mean you can’t kill people long range. It’s just going to cost you a significant proportion of your magazine. At extreme ranges, pretty much only seen in custom maps, this isn’t true and it’s pretty much impossible to score a kill at these extreme ranges. Many servers still active do however use these custom maps with extreme ranges. On default maps, you can pretty much kill anyone at long range by dumping half to three quarters of your magazine at them, just pray they don’t notice you while you are blasting them.

When you are clearing rooms, an effective strategy to reduce your enemy’s hit probability is to strafe around them in a circle. Just lock onto them, mag dump until they’re dead, and run circles around them while they’re still alive so they have to be following you with their crosshair to kill you. This room-clearing tactic is also effective with the support classes of course.

Similarly to the rifleman, cook your grenades, approximate it’s airtime, so your target doesn’t have time to react before they’re blown up, except this time you don’t have to do the hoopla of shooting it on the floor and picking it back up. Your normal grenades fly farther, you’d be surprised how far they can travel. They can travel almost any distance on non-community-made maps.

Smoke grenades are there to destroy your enemy’s visibility. Use them to cover the areas between cover and advantageous positions you’d like to travel to where your enemy has concentrated their fire.


  • The Allied Support class has the Browning Automatic Rifle, 1911, melee, and two grenades.
  • The Axis Support class has the STG44, Walther pistol, melee, and two grenades.

Both primaries have an alternative (right click) single fire mode. These are a joke, don’t use them, just single-tap in automatic mode it’s literally the same the difference in recoil is totally negligible. The amount of time it takes to switch back to full auto when some bozo sneaks up on you is more than enough time for them to blast you.

The support classes primaries have the combined roles of being able to kill people at every range. The recoil on both weapons are very difficult to compensate for, however. Use the same strategy of running around people as described in the Assault section for close range, for medium and long ranges, crouch, or go prone (press Z) to reduce your recoil. When prone, the recoil is significantly more manageable and makes it possible to kill people at long ranges.

When choosing between the two weapons, pick up the STG44 if you see it on the floor. On paper, the BAR has more damage per shot and more accuracy, however the difference in practice is so negligible, you should choose the STG44. The BAR has more recoil, the ten extra bullets in the magazine can make the difference between life and death, and the damage is still enough to kill you in one headshot or two bodyshots.

Once again, just cook your grenades, you’d be surprised at some of the insane frags you can get.

Machine Gun

  • The Allied Machinegun class has a 30 Cal. Machinegun, 1911, and melee.
  • The Axis Machinegun class has a MG42, Walther pistol, and melee.

You have to right click to deploy the machinegun on a surface, or go prone (press Z) to deploy it on the floor.

The difference between the machineguns are massive. In the vast majority of circumstances, the MG42 is the superior choice. The MG42 has a ridiculous RPM, which greatly increases your hit probability when spraying your enemies. It has a 250 round magazine compared to the 150 round magazine of the 30 Cal to compensate for the problem of ammo consumption. Both machineguns have the ability to overheat, but that’s pretty much never going to happen for the 30 Cal, and is more of a concern but still insignificant for the MG42. You must be deployed to reload the machineguns.

You can use both machineguns when not deployed, however it will drain your stamina, causing you to walk instead of your default run, the recoil is insane, and the accuracy is terrible. This is effective for extremely close ranges, just be prepared to drag your mouse all the way to the bottom of your mousepad to compensate for the massive recoil. You can use your pistol at medium range, however the machinegun will still get the job done in rare circumstances at medium range if you get lucky with the inaccuracy.


  • The Allied Rocket has a Bazooka, M1 Carbine, and melee.
  • The Axis rocket has a Panzershreck, Automatic Mauser, and melee.

The default position of the rocket launchers are unaimed, they must be aimed (right click) to fire.

The rocket launchers of each side is functionally identical. Peak around a corner with it deployed and launch your rocket into a machinegun or sniper’s nest. You can camp corners and wait for someone for cheap kills. You can dump your rockets down choke points where you know the enemy is frequently concentrated and frequently get multiple kills at once. The ammo of both the rocket classes’ primaries and secondaries are extremely limited, and don’t allow you to operate for very long.

Unlike most games, the rocket actually does fall slightly due to gravity; compensate by aiming above your target for long ranges.

The secondaries of the side’s rocket classes are very different. The M1 Carbine isn’t automatic but you can spam it’s single fire to get an automatic-esque RPM. It is a very good weapon in it’s own right; it does take three bodyshots to get a kill but it has the same accuracy as the support primaries so you can use it to kill people across the map. Still pretty good in close-quarters.

The Automatic Mauser is the least accurate weapon in the game. It also takes three bodyshots to kill someone. It is slightly more effective in short ranges for the increased RPM/DPS but is barely usable in medium ranges, and unusable in long ranges.


  • The Allied Sniper has a scoped Springfield, 1911, and melee.
  • The Axis Sniper has a scoped Kar98K, Walther pistol, and melee.

Instead of iron sights, right clicking gives you a scope.

Hide in dark corners and get cheap kills at long distances. Simple as. If an enemy gets the drop on you from close, try to get a shot off, scoped, or even unscoped if they’re close enough to one-tap your enemies. If this fails you’re probably already dead but you can still try to salvage the situation by whipping out the pistol.

The only section of someone’s body you can hit and not get a one-tap is the arms and legs.

I’d rather just use the rifleman class and snipe with that than with a scoped weapon, you still get a little zoom, your scope doesn’t shake as you aim, and you have grenades. In most cases you’d switch to the pistol you’re already dead.

Additional Anecdote

Most servers have a medic plugin that lets you heal if your health is somewhere around 30% or less. The universal chat command for this is !medic. You can make a bind to say this and get the healing in a pinch instead of typing this out every time.

You may have to go to settings -> keyboard -> advanced -> enable developer console

Open the console by hitting the tilde key (`), the key below escape.

Type the following verbatim and hit enter between each line

  • unbind 1
  • bind 1 “say !medic”

Now the key 1 is bound to heal yourself instead of having to type it. The time saved doing this will save you sometimes.

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