Dead Space – Stutter Fix Guide (Remake)

Here you have a way to fix the annoying stuttering for Dead Space Remake.

Guide to Fix Stutter

Dead Space Stutter Fix

Dead Space Remake (also known as Dead Space (2023)) It’s a great game, but sometimes you suffer some stutter meanwhile you play, which nowadays is kind of weird, but It’s something common since they use shader cache.

For that, I tried to find a way to at least solve partially this bothersome problem, but keep in mind since the game keeps creating shaders and loading them, you will suffer some stutter from time to time unless the developers fix this in the future.

Downloading and Installing the Fix

All you need to do is go to this website and download the Vulkan translation for Directx.

Download dxvk-2.1.tar.gz

Once you downloaded that file, you need to go to your Steam game library, right click to Dead Space and then go to Manage and later to Browse local files.

You will be inside Dead Space folder. Go to x64 folder:

Now open dxvk-2.1.tar.gz that you previously downloaded (using 7z or WinRar).

You will start on dxvk-2.1:

Select x64:

And finally, select dxgi.dll

Drag and put the file dxgi.dll inside the game’s folder:

Now run the game as usual and go to Settings:

And disable Motion Blur to 0:

Nvidia Control Panel

Inside the NVIDIA Control Panel enable V-Sync, Triple Buffer and Low Latency Mode to ON.

Finishing The Guide

I’ve tested myself this method and It works for me. I know every PC It’s a world, different specs and everything like that, but I took my time to figure out and find a solution that may help for you and I hope will work to enjoy the game without any issue.

Keep in mind that the game will compile and load shaders every now and then and you will suffer a few stutters from time to time, but nothing serious.

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