Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Vulkan Crash Fix Guide

After buying this game and getting a PhD in skull-fu***ry BS that doesn’t work I present to you the solution.

Guide to Vulkan Crash Fix

The Fix

So here’s what worked for me:

  1. Go to Nvidia control panel.
  2. Manage 3D settings -> Program settings.
  3. Select Breakpoint as the program to customize.
  4. The last option is “Vulkan/OpenGL present method” select “Prefer layered on DXGI Swapchain”.
  5. Test if it fixed the crash.

Should look like below:

I have tested for about 1 hour, running benchmarks and playing, even turning on overlays and afterburner which supposedly crash Vulkan in this game immediately.

Before this, without changing anything else, my game would insta-crash on entering open world or even running the in-game benchmark.

For reference:

  • Vulkan all settings are Ultimate except Fog at High, 1440p, 85fps lock and the game never drops below 85.
  • DX11: I had to drop settings to High, put res scaling at 90 and barely got 75fps.

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