Death end re;Quest 2 – Area Maps

Area Maps

The area maps shown below are the finalized version after everything has been unlocked.

They may not look the same as your first visit to a location, but as your progress through the game, the map will expand and look like this.

Women’s Dormitory – Center

Women’s Dormitory – Outskirts

Shopping District – Fountain Area

Shopping District – Celebrity Arcade

Mountain Path – Town Outskirts

Mountain Path – Summit Outskirts

Tourist Area – Souvenir Street

Lakeshore Area – Nature Trail

Lakeshore Area – Lake Outskirts

Rural Area – Pasture

Rural Area – Watershed

Tourist Area – Sightseeing Street

Residential Area – Center

Residential Area – Outskirts

Brink of Life and Death – Entrance

Brink of Life and Death – Interior

Brink of Life and Death – Depths

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