Definitely Not Fried Chicken – Money Making Guide for New Players

This will make you a guaranteed 2k a day and its possible within day 1 heres what you need to do.

How to Make Money

  1. Max out the laundromat and build a small laundromat that has the needed things which is at least 2 fast dryers 2 fast washing machine these will get you about 750 a day then you want the other needed stuff like staff room and toliets.
  2. Build a storage room at your laundromat and have 1 to 8 shelves (depends on how many locations you are supplying drugs to)so if you only are supplying to this one with a truck get like 2 or 3 shelves) and supply the good green stuff and nothing better to make the most profits.
  3. Get 2 workers 1 engineer 1 cleaner and make a schedule for each one (make sure the cleaner works from 6am to 7pm).
  4. Go to your factory and build something like my starter factory that is shown on the picture (buy 2 bikes not 3).
  5. Get 2 workers 1 engineer and 1 cleaner do a schedule for each one again (make your engineer and cleaner work about 1 or 2 hours every 4 hours to make the most profits).
  6. Make the good green stuff and deliver em to your laundromat (dont somehow forget this step) you will get about 1.75k for the weed sold.
  7. Watch the money come in.
  8. (Optional) Build more laundromats and upgrade your factory to be possibly making 10k a in game day (based on preferred plots for laundromat).

Picture for factory

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