Definitely Not Fried Chicken – Layout for Employee Rooms

A guide for using little land to fulfil all your employees needs.

Where to Build

In the tutorial you have do build a straight road and on the left side there is a small strip of land where you can fit a kitchen, entertainmentroom, bathroom and a bedroom.

How to Build

My Layout looks like tis.


The Bedroom is 3×2 and contains 1 Bed and 1 Locker (Not needed)


The Bathroom is the biggest room with 3×4 it contains 1 stall, 1 sink, 1 handdryer and 1 shower


The Kitchen is 3×3 but you can also build it 2×3 it contains 1 vending machine and 1 Bin so that there is no rubbish on the floor.

Entertainmentroom / Staff Breakout Room

The Staff Breakout room is 3×3 and it contains 1 double couch and 1 small tv

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