Denizen – Basic Tips for All Players

This guide contains a selection of tips on gameplay as well as a number of technical issues in the game.

Tips and Tricks

About save and lockpicking

Quick save is only available when you’re inside a building. Unfortunately, there’s no quick load feature, but you can simply exit to the main menu and load your game from there, which is pretty fast.

Additionally, you can use the Door Crasher item to bypass a door without needing a lockpick.

New investment logic

You still make money with the savings account, but instead of it being paid out with a fixed interest rate, it is now a variable interest rate. The interest rate changes every 24 hours.

Money transferring

For now you can still use all of your bank accounts to make purchases as long as you have enabled “Use all bank accounts” in the phone settings.

Stores and apartments

The maximum stock you can put into a store depends on the store level: 500 for the first, 1000 for the second, and 2500 for the third.

You can only purchase and rent out one apartment unit within the building, not the entire apartment block.

The number of furniture items placed in a property and their value influence the appeal rating, and is relative to the area/sqft of the property.

Bonus tip about crashing on launch

When launching the game, it freezes after the dev logo and then crashes. I suggest waiting a bit longer when it seems like it’s crashing—it might just be loading. Despite the frozen appearance, give it some time, and it should eventually load.

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