Hellmet – Beginners Guide (Useful Tips + Codes)

Comprehensive Guide for New Players

A first-person shooter with a helmet camera that approaches the door breaching simulator genre more slowly and methodically.


This section of the guide will help you learn the controls in the Hellmet and explain how they work.

  • M1 – Shoot
  • M2 – Aim
  • Z – Toggle aim.
  • Space or F – Interact (gadgets).
  • F – Intimidate.
  • V – Special gun abilities.
  • Hold R – Check magazine size.
  • Q and E – Lean.
  • Tab – Gadgets.
  • F – Specials (for certain guns).
  • Ctrl – Slow walk.
  • Scroll Wheel – Change the flashlight brightness.
  • T – Turn off flashlight.
  • ~ – Open abilities wheel.
  • Hold B – Reset.
  • X – Quick commands.
  • C – Aradus exclusive quick commands.

Useful Tips & Tricks

Here are some important tips regarding the Hellmet game for those who haven’t played or read anything about it.

XP Rewards

XP reward amounts for actions. The total amount adds up and then is multiplied by all of the xp multiplier bonuses.

  • +75 xp unlocked door
  • (Lockpick a door)
  • +150xp trap defused
  • (Defuse a trap)
  • +150xp enemy secured
  • (Intimidate a civ or hostile)
  • +60xp person ziptied
  • (Ziptie a civ or hostile)
  • +50 xp healed teammate
  • (Use a health pen on a teammate)
  • -250 non-hostile killed
  • (Kill an innocent)
  • First Attempt Bonus X1.50
  • (No checkpoints used)
  • Difficulty Multiplier X0.33-X1.66x
  • (Serenity being x0.33, increases by x0.33 every higher difficulty)
  • No Civilians Killed Bonus X1.50
  • (Don’t kill any innocents)
  • Solo Bonus (Solo Only) X2.00
  • (Win by yourself)
  • No Deaths Bonus (Squad Only) X1.50
  • (No one in your team gets downed)

Video Tips

How to Kill Boss

How to Defect

How to Defuse

How to Not Die to Stabbers

General Game Mechanics

Door Kicking

If a door is locked, you can look down and find an interactable button. Pressing space will perform a kick to the door, the door will take a couple of kicks to open (either 1-3). However, do keep in mind that kicking the door will alert nearby enemies in the room, and it will draw their attention immediately and cause an investigation.

The “Breacher” perk instantly breaks down doors regardless of RNG.


Pressing F will perform a motion with your left arm, telling a civilian or hostile to surrender. If you encounter them head on and intimidate them, it will take a couple of tries before they surrender. Keep in mind, though, that hostiles such as armed Guesans only have a 45% chance to surrender.

Every NPC will surrender immediately if you intimidate them when they are not aware of your presence.

When they finally raise their hands up, you can press the intimidation button again to make them lay on the ground. This will help you in certain situation where enemies will try to crawl to their gun instead of turning around immediately and try to stab you when you get close, giving you time to react.

Moving Hostages

When you need to, you move up to a hostage and use your interact key (SPACE) on them. This will order them to follow you, and you can guide them to a safer spot or anywhere you want.

Hostages that is being moved around CAN initiate a hostile behavior(Stabbing, running away) albeit bugged as the time of this writing.

Object Interaction

You can press space to interact with various things such as doors, hostages, and mission objectives like the radio to contact Pronto, placing bombs on the Array in Decovenant, etc.


When your HP reaches 0 you will enter a downed state, of which knocking you out of combat, you can however be revived by teammates (PLAYERS) via them going up to you and holding space.

The “Steadfast Before Them” Skill provides you with the ability to self revive as long as a player is still alive and you WILL lose some Max HP for each revive.

Resupply Stations

In some certain areas of the map you will find an Ammo refill station, gadget and a Health refill station, these stations only has one use for each player,

Ammo refill station will refill your current magazine, and reserve magazine.

Health station is located next to the ammo refill station and heals you for 100% of your hp and resets your overdose meter(?)

And gadget station refills the entirety of your gadgets except for some like plates.

AID Spawned Stations

These are the small stations spawned by the AI director in attempt to empty the stress bucket

Portable Ammo refill station:

Portable healing station: this heals you for around 40% of your hp.

Portable gadget stations resupplying some of your gadgets.


There is currently 1 working command in the game.

  • /panko – Will commit panko jumpscare on you and immediately kill/down you. (This can fix the double helmet bug for some reason).


There are currently 5 difficulties in game:

  • Serenity/50%
  • Lenity/75%
  • Equity/100%
  • Severity/150%
  • Extermity/200%

Difficulty will affect some things like removing/adding sound meter and battery bar meter (you can still look at your hp trough the helmet stripes), flashlight quality, video feed quality, chances of hearing things, enemy reaction times, etc.

Difficulty affects the health of hostiles, however only armored once.

Difficulties also affect the multiplier for your exp. Serenity starts at 0.33x (decreases XP gained) and goes up all the way to 1.67x on extremity.

AI Director

The AI director is a behind the scenes mechanic that controls your gameplay. For example, if you are struggling with HP, the AI director will spawn an aidkit (not a portable healing station. It can be a mini ammo or gadget one as well) near you.

Stress bucket mechanic:

  • The players would want to keep the bucket at a certain level, that being low. This causes the game to be easier for the players. However, when it’s high, that will cause the game to be harder.
  • The bucket will drain over time.
  • Taking damage, getting downed downed, task force spawning will fill the bucket
  • IF the bucket is above the preferred amount. It will try and drain itself by giving the players cool things such as mini ammo/health station. reducing hostile spawns, negating designated stabbers, etc.
  • IF the bucket lower than the preferred amount, then the game will trigger things such as making civilians run, designating a stabber, increasing the amount of hostiles, etc.

Grenade Traps

Traps can spawn behind doors and make a buzzing sound constantly indicating that they are there. To counter this, you can open the door using the door’s handle or by using the Hardkill. You can also cause NPCs to trigger it by forcing an investigation. The trap will kill any player or NPC that is in its sight and blast radius. However, you and other NPCs are able to survive the blast with armor.

Do note that doors that are grenade traps will NEVER be locked.

Alert Level

Alert level is your enemies’ awareness of your presence in the building,

  • If an enemy drops a radio and the radio is not answered, raises alert level by 1.

Escaped civilians instantly raise alert level to 3

  • Alert level 1: Nothing happens, and radio drop chance is low.
  • Alert level 2: The enemy knows you are here, civilians are less present, and hostiles will hesitate less to shoot you, and radios will drop more frequently.
  • Alert level 3: Civilians are no longer present and spawn patrol around the map. If the players are spotted, the enemy will notify other enemies of the players’ last location.

Do note that once alert level 3 has been reached, it can not be activated again.

All Working Codes

The game is still in alpha, and the usual gift codes are not yet available. But there are in-game codes that unlock the game’s story.

Here are all the current / active codes for the Hellmet game:

Promo Codes

  • None.

In-Game Codes

  • Decovenant – 729

Result: You get this in the USB:

How to Redeem Codes

Use a terminal that is situated in the Decovenant hospital’s lobby in the left building at the top.

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