Desynced – Superfast Mining Team Guide

Guide to Superfast Mining Team


A simple Cub with a Drone Launcher component.

it fits 6 miner drones, depending on youre research done you could even fit 8 of them using the internal drone storage component.

You can create the advanced miner drones in the Re-Simulator by putting a normal miner drone package and some blue cubes into it (after doing one the blueprint/ drone becomes available in the build menu of the Robotics Assembler).

I have fitted the drone with 2 efficiënty internal modules, this you do by selecting the drone, put it outside of the drone launcher and switch it OFF, now you can equip the modules to it.

The mobile storage unit can be any unit depending on youre completed research.

It has a powercell module fitted to provide the team with an energy grid (but many other solutions can be found to get the same effect).

This simple team mines so fast that my base its production cannot keep up using the materials, the drones will just continue mining even when storage is filled to the maximum, so i have added a little roomba to clean up the overspill.

It uses this very simple program:


Finally I use a Transporter to get all the goodies to my base storage, again you can use any bot you have researched, but faster is better, I have fitted two speed internal modules to this one to avoid damage when it encounters bugs (I play with bugs set to agressive).

You really want speed 5 or 6 to avoid most bugs.

This team mines faster and more efficiënt as 18 normal worker bots with miner components, because you avoid all the transfering and path blocking which often occurs with those.

Hope it helps and that you guys have fun with this simple setup!

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