Desynced – Portable Transporters Guide

For anyone who runs into the issue of portable transporters not doing their job, here is some useful info for getting things to work.

How to Transport and Troubleshooting Tips

My goal was to take metal ore and turn it into metal plates, without any bot intervention (including harvesting the ore node).

The Setup

Mining platforms

  • Metal Ore Storage (with Portable Transport slotted)

Fabrication Platforms for Metal Bars

  • Metal Bars Storage (with Portable Transport slotted)

Fabrication Platforms for Metal Plates

  • Metal Plates Storage (with Portable Transport slotted)
  • The issue: At various spots goods would stop flowing.
  • The solution: Make sure all structures are ON the logistics network.
  • Exception: Mining platforms do not need to be ON the network. They can be OFF and the ore storage site must be ON.
  • The issue: While ON the network goods still won’t flow.
  • The solution: Click on a structure with portable transport and mouse over the transporter component, make sure the source and destination locations are within the green box range.
  • The issue: Goods still wont flow, they seem to get stuck at early fabricators.
  • The solution: Make sure all platforms (fabricators and miners) have their STORE value set to the correct storage site.
  • Exception: Mining platforms have their store value set to storage 1 (which holds metal ore).

Hope this helps!

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