Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut – Stuttering Fix Guide

I have tried these 2 fixes on multiple PC setups & they always work like a charm.

How to Fix Stuttering

Method 1

This is preferred method for folks with rigs that exceed games recommended system requirements.

  • Right click on desktop & go to nvidia control panel , select the games profile in manage 3d settings & set the Vsync method to Fast.
  • Next run the game & disable both in game Vsync & triple buffering. All stutters would be gone now.

Method 2

This is preferred method for folks with low or medium specs PC.

  • Turn on DX11 & Vsync both but keep the Triple Buffering off & set all graphics settings to highest or according to your system specs & exit.
  • Then Download MSI afterburner from here.
  • After that install msi afterburner and Rivatuner both, Rivatuner comes bundled with MSI afterburner software.You don’t need to download Rivatuner separately. Use Rivatuner to Limit the games frame rate to 2 digits below your monitors refresh rate like example (for 60hz display use 58 or for 75hz use 73).
  • Finally right click desktop & select nvidia control panel, go to manage 3d settings tab on left side, in there select program settings & add deus ex human revolution, in the program settings of the game scroll down & find power management mode, set it to prefer maximum performance.
  • Now play the game & all stutters would be gone.

As i said earlier i tried these 2 methods in multiple setups like desktops or laptops and they always work like charm.

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