Diablo IV – Leveling Tips

Useful Tips for Leveling

Keep a fully stocked inventory of elixirs and will be sure to pop one every 30 min. It’s a no-brainer way to have +5% to XP during leveling and a small buff to dodge/armor/resists. To make sure I don’t miss the pop time, Ima set a recurring timer for 28 minutes.

When you arrive at Kyovashad (sp), you will be given a quest to find Donnan(sp). Do that quest first. You get a mount upon total completion. This means, you can go faster. In turn, that means avoiding some trash mobs. So, you lose XP there but you can get mainline quests done faster and get that XP sooner.

Next, if you are not worried about legendaries, you can skip the final boss on any dungeon that is not questline. Why miss legendaries, because the final boss will give you an aspect. You can imprint this on a yellow to make it legendary. However, the final boss takes more time to kill than just moving to the next dungeon or quest area.

Since you are trying to level faster, gear that increases XP, attack speed, attacks should be a priority. Once again, the quicker you kill things the more XP. Once you get to about level 40, you should be close to finishing all the main storyline stuff in all zones. At this point, you can go back (and that is quick because you have a mount), do side quests, events, etc. as you have the time.

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