Diablo IV – Seasons and Eternal Realms

What’s the Point?

You do not have to delete your Eternal Realm characters on new Season. You create a seasonal hero to run that game mode with.

Your Eternal Realm characters will always be where you left them off at. They will be the ones you really push end game content with over the long haul, and the lifetime of the game. Seasons are optional – you don’t have to partake in them if you don’t want to.

We start with 10 character slots. That’s 2 slots for each of the 5 classes. Dedicate one of those slots to an Eternal Realm hero and one slot for a Seasonal hero.

That seasonal one is the one you will ‘delete’ and reuse each time. Hopefully they implement a rebirth system, but if not just delete that hero and remake a new one with the same name if desired.

At seasons end, that hero will be converted to Eternal – funnel all your good gear you earned to your Eternal hero. Lather, rinse, repeat.

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