Tale of Immortal – Obtaining Rogue Cultivator Destiny

A guide to obtain a unique destiny that will make your life as rogue cultivator much easier.

What It Is and How to Get

I just discovered a new(for me) event, and decided to share it here, maybe it will be useful for somebody, or inspire you to start a new play through.

Event gives you destiny useful for rogue cultivators- Unfettered Cultivator. It gives you 500 travel speed, and when you are not part of the sect, you have a chance to get spiritual fruit when cultivate on map tiles where qi is 100 and more.

I got this event only twice, despite completing the game several times. I am not entirely sure how to trigger it, but i can share some common things in 2 those play through’s, and hope that it will help.

So, firstly you have to be foundation late cultivator, with full xp bar and no sect(not 100% sure about that one tho).

Event should trigger when you travel from YongNing to HuaFeng, in LeiZe, in a passage formed between nether mountain and your bottom map border( just half way through LeiZe).

Game time should be more than 7 years( first character was alchemist, so i took my time farming in first area, the second char, i came to the event place at 6th year, but could not get the event until i skipped some time till y 7)

Event just pops up while you travel the map, u don’t have to search for question mark or special tile.

Try walking around there, maybe walking in and fro the passage, i couldn’t trigger it with my second char on the first try.

Good luck, hope it helped!

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