Didnapper 2 – Definitive Sidequests Guide

This guide does not include the job quests from the job boards.

Guide to Sidequests

A Damsel In Need

  • Acquisition – Along the path to the Miu Miu Bandit Camp
  • Enter the camp and go to the first tent on the left.
  • A short cutscene plays and a fight begins.
  • Win the fight to complete the quest. She’s weak to Earth Chroma.

Reward – 400g, Three of Wands

Bounty Hunter Beginnings

  • Acquisition – The building left of Job board in Capulet. Must have completed Damsel in Distress job first.
  • Enter the bandit camp in Miu Miu Forest.
  • Enter the tent just above the first tent on the left.
  • Win the battle to continue. All enemies are weak to Earth Chroma.
  • Carry the target out of the bandit camp to complete the quest.

Reward – 500g

Rowan and Julia

  • Acquisition: Talk to red haired man above the Item stall in the first area of Montague.
  • Go to the area above the entrance to the mine and talk to him again.
  • Go to the area upwards from the entrance of Capulet or left of the docks and knock on the door to the house.
  • Climb up the ladder on the left and enter the window.
  • Return to Rowan in Montague and either lie to him or tell him the truth.
  • If you lie then he gives you 200g and the Five of Swords and the quest ends. As of V1.0.2, lying prevents Rowan from appearing in the Enemies list.
  • If you tell the truth then he rushes off to see Julia.
  • Return to Julia’s house and enter through the window once again.
  • Defeat Rowan to complete the quest.

Reward – Truth: 500g, Five of Swords, The Chariot (dropped by Rowan), Lie: 200g, Five of Swords

The Root of the Issue

  • Acquisition – Talk to the man standing in front of the mine entrance in Montague.
  • Enter the mine, then defeat the vine enemy that catches Seles.
  • After 3 fights Seles points out there must be a nest nearby and the camera pans to show the hole in the wall.
  • Interact with the hole in the wall to have Seles blow it up with Fire Chroma. Afterwards you’ll have to clear the mine of enemies.
  • Exit the mine once you’ve cleared it.

Reward – 200g, Three of Cups

Rainbow Tintes

  • Acquisition – A woman speaking to a man in front of a house at the Northern Gate area in Alverona. Must have completed Chapter 8.
  • You will be tasked with finding each of the woman’s seven daughters: Rose, Oraiah, Yarra, Gladia, Berry, Indiga, and Viola.
  • They are all within Alverona (or just outside the gate), and the order does not matter. Viola does not appear until after the rest, however.
  • All of the girls have fights associated with them, some have multiple. During these your party is limited to Seles and Eileen.
  • Rose – Hole in the gate left of the church. Lone Fire Chroma user. Drops Six of Swords.
  • Oraiah – Food stall in the market. Lone Fire and Earth Chroma user. No drops.
  • Yarra – Top left of the Farms area. Fight two Unsavory Men, then Yarra. Lone Earth Chroma user. Drops Eight of Wands.
  • Gladia – Directly upwards, then left of the Tinte house. She’s a Gale Chroma user with two male sidekicks. Drops Ten of Swords.
  • Berry – Library District. Area left of the library, then an alley at the lower left exit in the lower market. Lone Water Chroma user.
  • Indiga – Outside southern gate and to the left. First fight two Tainted Daggers, then Indiga. Shadow Chroma user. Drops The Emperor.
  • Viola – Market proper, next to the fountain in the fenced area. Lone Shadow Chroma user. Drops Plague Crystal.

Reward: 1500g per daughter returned, the drops from each of the fights.


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